Tea and common (or un-common) Allergins

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M Mack said

I hope you figure out what it is you are allergic to.
I had the same reaction, throat swelling, and discovered I was allergic to juniper berries. Luckily they aren’t common in tea. so other than David’s tea’s Northern light’s I don’t have a problem.
hopefully it’s something specific and easily identifiable!

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I’m not allergic to anything that comes in tea but rather something that you can serve with it..milk.

I have been allergic to milk since I was a child, we used to get milk in school and I always refused mine because it gave me bad stomach cramps, the school forced me to drink it and I became ill over time. So I was taken to the doctors and had all the tests and they confirmed that I’m allergic to it. So ever since I have stayed away from milk, though I eat dairy and things that contain milk. But I can only have a small amount of it, otherwise I get the stomach cramps. They are bad enough to cripple me in pain for a day or two. I thought I was lactose intolerant but the tests disagreed.

I used to have soy milk especially for my tea while my husband had standard cows milk (as he didn’t like the taste of soy) but I found myself throwing a lot of it away. So now I just drink it plain, if anything a sprinkle of calorie free sweetener. In my case my allergy is not severe and doesn’t stop my tea drinking. I really do feel for those that are highly effected by it.

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jartoy said

Hey, that seems to have a common cord citrus flavoured tea causing allergic reactions and early in the thread earl grey..also of a citrus type tree..the sprays of pesticides and mold kill can vary greatly?.. causing stinging etc.rash.when consumed by sensitized…

AllanK said

The only way to actually know if you are having an allergic reaction to something is to be tested by an allergist. I am sure I have drank many teas that have been sprayed with pesticides and that alone wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction unless you were specifically allergic to that pesticide.

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