Rob said

Mei-Leaf Chat

A thread to keep up to date on all the activity of our favourite tea vendor. I enjoy watching videos from MeiLeaf and am interested in their new products. What tea have you purchased there? What have you learnt from their videos?

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Weasser said

I bought Cone Bandit when it came out more than a year ago, but never tried it until yesterday. I have to say, it’s an excellent tea. It’s one of the best young shengs I’ve had. I’m not sure if it qualifies and young anymore though, since it’s two years old, but if you can get some, do it. It’s delicious.

Thanks for setting up this thread, Rob. As I’ve said before, and been called a troll for saying, Don Mei is the reason I know, and appreciate tea as I do now. I’ve drank tea for many years, and not bad tea either. Whole leaf teas of many types. I spent a lot of time reading about tea and had a pretty good foundation of knowledge, but when I found Don’s videos they showed me where to look to learn more. Say what you will about him, but he really is spreading the word of real tea, as he likes to say, and I’ll be forever grateful that he has. Most of the teas I buy now arent from Mei-Leaf, but I know that if I want a certain type of tea, and he carries it, it will be a high quality tea. It’s what he sells. Cone Bandit is a great example. Think I’ll have more right now.

Rob said

I also purchased Cone Bandit as well as Bloom Buster. It’s been a while since I re-visited those. I remember trying them side by side. This was among the very first raw pu-erh I ever purchased. I now have many kilos of the stuff from various vendors. I do appreciate Mei-Leaf for being a welcoming and inviting presence for people who are new to tea.

LuckyMe said

Glad to see a Mei Leaf appreciation thread for a change. I’ve never ordered from them, but I’ve learned so much about the finer points of gongfu cha from watching Don’s videos. What I like most is how broad his coverage of tea is. Some blogs focus on a singular aspect of tea like puerh but Don spotlights every kind of tea there is and brings a unique perspective to the table.

mahjongfan said

I also enjoy Mei Leaf videos. He is entertaining and passionate about spreading the word and educating all of us about tea, and I have learned so much! I have not, yet, ordered from him, mostly because of the shipping costs over seas, but I am sure I will someday.

tea123 said

Mei Leaf have 28,748 YouTube subscribers. More than any other vendor.

This is true. And he creates fantastic videos. Very good energy and personality for youtube.

But I do have some issues with his teas and some of his marketing. A bit too much ‘fluff’ / hype / myth in order to help marketing his teas.

Also just some misinformation which can be confusing (e.g. his Dong Ding oolong he admits isn’t actually from Dong Ding… which means it isn’t really Dong Ding oolong). Also his Hou kui he advertises as “monkey picked”, but it isn’t. And again, he admits it way down in the bottom of his description, but then why advertise it that way at all? That is just false-marketing.

Leafy Green Tea it might be more appropriate, especially for a vendor, to post such comments in the previous topic?

Why is that thread more appropriate? Aren’t both threads about Mei Leaf? If what I said has been stated before, that is fine. I didn’t take the time to read through a years worth of 500+ posts.

I think Mei Leaf (Don and crew) do a great job with many things. I’m just trying to caution against buying in too much as there is also a lot of marketing spin involved.

The only thing I bought into was their Royal Peach Orchid(Milan xiang) and Frozen Summit (dong ding) as my very first online tea purchase. I knew next to nothing of the quality of tea that is available if you look for it. I didn’t love the Milan Xiang because it was Milan xiang, it’s just delicious .As for the frozen summit dong ding, I was awestruck how delicious it is. A “genuine” dong ding or not it’s a very spectacular tea. It not being from traditional Dong Dong growing area really didn’t matter to me, Mei Leaf sources delicious teas. Like the “tea vender” Leafy Green Tea said if you read the description of the tea Don tells you this. Dons teas are really good. I just ordered the tipple twister yiwu Puerh. I’ll give you guys my thoughts when I gets here and I try it.

tea123 said

29,007 subscribers now

AllanK said
tea123 said

Something I think a lot of people are familiar with – sampling tea. From Mei Leaf

tea123 said

Tea in motion with some original music from Don

29,787 subscribers

bef said

29,792 subscribers

tea123 said

29,833 subscribers

tea123 said

29,918 subscribers

Brian said

remind me again why this matters?

Brian said

why are we posting the # of subscribers? is this thread that much of a mei-leaf jerk off party?

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