Yes I AM reporting you to Steepster for Removal!

Spammers will be reported to Steepster!
Ricky has been taking action on the ones I have seen and sent!
If anyone else happens to see ’em let him know

ricky @ steepster . com (remove spaces)

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Ricky admin said

You can also email jason at steepster dot com.

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Good! I’m getting really tired of spammers! (Especially if they accuse me of being one, i.e., “bryghtbeverages”)

accuse YOU of being one? WTF?

I know! Crazy! I’m still convinced “bryghtbeverages” is a spammer, but s/he hasn’t posted anything lately that I could point to. Anyhoo, I’m glad to know there are options for the future! Thanks for letting us know, TeaEqualsBliss!

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TeaEqualsBliss: Thank you for doing this! I noticed a few spammers, and I clicked on the report anything inappropriate. link, but I was not clear what exactly to say. Sending an e-mail to Ricky or Jason is more clear for me. I will keep that in mind. Thanks!

Ditto! Why do they think tea drinkers are poker fans, anyway!? ;)

Angrboda said

I do that everytime I see it. Sometimes I just write spam everywhere. Sometimes I only write spam in the headline and comment on the quality of the spammer in the body. (I had a really hapless one once, who was so busy spamming that they forgot to say what the product they were trying to tempt me with once. I had a laugh. :p ) This morning I thought, why not a little entertainment and wrote a joke. :p

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I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything.

LOL :-)

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DaisyChubb said

Yes! Keep reporting people, they can’t take us over :D

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It’s possible I missed it but it seems the spam reporting thread has vanished. So left with spam to report I decided to revive this old thread in the hopes that nobody will mind.

Possible Spammers

Reason for my report:
Within the time span of 20 minutes these 5 new accounts have reviewed teas from a new company added onto Steepster called Chi Whole Leaf. Each review very similar in text and format and all with top notch ratings.

Ugh, not again. I think around this time last year there was another British tea company pulling this sort of trick, and many of the questionable reviews are still up – one of them is even in the top 20 best-rated teas.

Do you think it would be a good idea to contact Chi on FB/Twitter about this, or might that be counterproductive?

Jason, the second one was too old for me to remove.

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Skysamurai said

Thank you very much! Steepster continues to be a better place for us everyday!

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Spam, this comment:
MagiPatch 7 minutes ago

Here at Magipatch ( we have created a patch that delivers the organic vitamins needed to endure the hangover and in most cases let the celebration go longer with enhanced alcohol consumption while using our hangover remedy patch.
We would love to send a sample to the site’s moderator to give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Under this entry:

This user:

Flagged, thanks.

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Jason admin said

Thanks for keeping an eye on things, everybody.

Just to clarify, the spam removal tool should only be used for obvious cases of spam, like the magipatch example above, which clearly have nothing to do with tea/Steepster. It should not be used for suspected cases of abusing the ratings system/reviews from the company itself. Report those suspected accounts to me directly (jason at and I’ll address them with the users.

@KittyLovesTea: As for your question, I unstickied the spam account thread because the issue has become less prevalent now and our stickied discussions we’re getting crowded at the top. The hope now is that moderators will catch them, or if you see any you can send them to me. Thanks!

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