LianneS said

Help me with my post-holiday purchase

I’ve been drinking tea (and water) exclusively for about two months now, and have quickly become a loose-leaf addict. My favourites:

Love Spell (Teaopia, green)
Santa’s Secret (DAVIDsTEA, black, sold out :()
Forever Nuts (DAVIDsTEA, herbal)
Alpine Punch (DAVIDsTEA, roobis)
Milk Oolong (Teaopia, oolong)
The Skinny (DAVIDsTEA, oolong)
Organic Spearmint (DAVIDsTEA, herbal)

I haven’t placed any online orders yet (something about going to a store), but will do so in the future, since the closest Teaopia or DAVIDsTEA is 90 minutes away (in opposite directions, so it’s one or the other when we go to a city). I’m going to be near a DAVIDsTEA this weekend and would like some input on what to buy. I need a variety of caffeine levels since medium or higher caffeine stops after noon for me.

I’m planning on buying 4-5 new teas, 50g each (my collection is already at 20 teas in 8 weeks, so I’m trying to be “responsible” with my purchases, and have to buy more Forever Nuts this weekend ;)). Beside each tea I’ve put s, h, m, l, or f for caffeine level (stimulant, high, free, etc). I think I want a chai, but not sure if I’ll be able to get any Pumpkin Chai. I’m pretty much sold on Buttered Rum and Check Mate. I drink my tea hot/warm unless it’s really busy at work, and resteep most teas at least once. In total I probably drink 5-7 cups of tea a day.

These are the ones I have my eye on, but feel free to make suggestions!

Jungle JuJu (s)
Buttered Rum (l)
Check Mate (m)
Pumpkin Chai (m)
Chai Cuarana (stimulant)
Coco Chai Roobis (f)
Fantasy Island (m)
Movie Night (m)
Elf Help (m)
Jessie’s Tea (f)
Cherry Potion (l)


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Uniquity said

I would suggest Read My Lips (black tea with chocolate and mint, like Santa’s Secret but with chocolate!). I’m not a huge fan of Jungle Juju (I find it WAY too sweet) and I haven’t actually tried any of the others on your wish list (most of them have coconut which I hate). Sorry, that part’s not helpful. I tend to be a black tea drinker and caffeine has no discernible effect on me, but maybe some of my Davids Tea faves might interest you.
-Oh Canada (herbal)
-Detox (herbal with hint of green tea)
-Lime Gelato (green)
-Read My Lips (black)
-Santa’s Secret (black)
-Long Life Oolong (oolong, obviously : )
-Tie Kwan Yin (relatively inexpensive for a plain oolong, and as a beginner I like it!)
-Honeybee (mate)
-Earl’s Garden (black)
-Three Lemon Green (herbal)
-Southern Belle (black)
-Chocolate Rocket (mate)

Anyway, I hope you find some new teas to love – I always trust my nose when I’m at a David’s Tea. Smell all the ones you want and see if they still interest you.

LianneS said

I LOVE coconut, haha. But thanks so much for th list, I will definitely check out Read My Lips. I probably won’t like Jungle Juju either. Don’t love super sweet fruity teas. Caffeine doesn’t “seem” to have an effect on me either but I’m working through treatment for a sleeping disorder, so it’s doctor’s orders (I had to give up coffee, hence the tea obsession). I have Detox and like it. Had Earl’s Garden as a take away once and didn’t love it… but I SO appreciate the feedback!!!!!

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Camiah said

The only one I can comment on is Buttered Rum, which I would enthusiastically recommend. It is delicious. I’ve had elf help, and I remember nothing about it, that is how little of an impression it made on me (and I forgot to write a tasting note).

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LianneS said

I ended up with 100g each Santa’s Secret (Westboro still had some!) and Forever Nuts, and 50g Checkmate and Pumpkin Chai. I’m pretty happy with my purchases, although I will definitely be buying Buttered Rum next time! Had a great experience at the Westboro DAVIDsTEA (it is even dog friendly!). Also visited the Teaopia in the Carlingwood Mall. Wasn’t that impressed, had a VERY bland matcha latte and bought 50g of Vanilla Mint Mate, which I really enjoyed.

Lianne, if you’re ever looking for something a little different, Cloudwalker Teas offers Chinese Tea sittings in the gong fu cha tradition by request, and the opportunity to try top shelf teas from Taiwan and China, all in the Ottawa area. If you or someone you know is ever interested, feel free to let me know.

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Miss Alex said

Pumpkin Chai has been on the “discontinued” list twice and brought back by popular demand twice. I intend to pick up a stash all the same. It’s one of my go-tos. If you like the smell and want to be more alert, Jungle Juju is the way to go. It has a higher stimulant content than anything else at David’s (the equivalent to roughly 90mg of caffeine per cup), something that even I didn’t know until two weeks ago.

Uniquity said

I remember when Jungle Juju came out and the staff at my local Davids warned me of the caffeine content of guayusa – it was the only time I’ve seen them warn people about a tea. Probably for the best since it is listed with the herbals, which is misleading. I’ve been waiting to see if Davids comes out with more guayusa blends.

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LianneS said

Thanks! I’ve kicked my pot of coffee a day habit in order to try to reduce the amout of caffeine I consume as part of an effort to sleep better. It wouldn’t hurt to have something in the cupboard for really bad days though! And I used to love pumpkin lattes at Starbucks, so Pumpkin Chai with just a splash of creme is a great replacement!

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