Newbie to Steepster

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lcg842 said

Wow, what warm welcomes from everyone! Thank you so much (big smiles)!

I don’t know where Steepster has been all my life, since I just found it. I’m keeping my eyes/ears out for new tea places and if I find any info, will add to it.

I love meeting new people and trying new teas, so I’m very excited! :) :) :)

Happy New Year!

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Welcome. I just joined last night, im glad i found this site, im following you now :)

lcg842 said

Cool! I’m still learning about this site (and I only joined in December!), so any new tidbits feel free to send down the pipeline! :)

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Tamm said

:D I just saw this but I hope that you guys are making lots of discoveries! I’ve only been around for a bit, but I really enjoy using this site. :) The people on here are very friendly!

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gmathis said

Very cool and eclectic bunch of people around here—welcome to some of the new names and profiles I’m seeing here!

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SunnyinNY said

I’m a fairly new person as well. I love this site! It’s more addicting than Facebook! And the people here are a lot nicer! Plus you will find amazing new teas to try or not try. And the people here will answer any & all questions!

Raritea said

I agree wholeheartedly with this statement! :D

lcg842 said

I second that agreement! This place is so nice to connect with other tea people. :D :D

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Rofey said

Welcome! Like a number of others who’ve replied, I’m a newbie here too. Apart from enjoying the camaraderie, I’ve found this site to be a mine of useful information regarding the brewing of tea, re-steeping tea leaves, tea storage. Enjoy…

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