Rich select said

Your favorite thick and rich shu?

I’m really enjoying the Tie Guo Li “Lun Dao” from yunnan sourcing. It is thick, dark, bittersweet and rich, like a good espresso, when brewed heavy on the leaf. No old book or mustiness. I think it was fermented very heavily. And it is old tree. Are there any shus with this type of profile that you enjoy?

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looseTman said

Great topic Rich!
- 2015 Yunnan Sourcing Green Miracle (Sold out)
- Mandala Special Dark (No longer available)

Rich select said

I never did get to try Special Dark….

looseTman said

It definitely was Special! Garret at Mandala & Glen at Crimson Lotus may have some possibilities. Some of the premium Dayi shou may also be of interest.

Garret said

I have started pretty near every day with a blend from 2011 called Noble Mark. I put it together back then. Sold out of all the cakes I pressed long ago but still have loose blend of it remaining. The Shu Fits, while a younger tea (2016) also fits the bill in regards to what you are asking about. Rama Lama Bulang (in cakes or loose is also quite nice from 2015). Each of them are available on our site.

Garret the Grateful

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