Breville Tea Maker - Yay or Nay?

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Breville does have a temperature-variable kettle. Its what I got for xmas. It was $124 on Amazon. I did not what the Breville One Touch Electric Tea Maker.

For me I like the ritual of making tea, but I wanted the right temp still.


Uniquity said

I also got a variable temp kettle for Christmas (different brand). I could never give up on the tea making process but exact temp control is SO exciting!! Can’t wait to do an oolong when I get home with the kettle!

I am considering getting one of those too…

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Eisenherz said

I’ve had my Breville for about 8 months now, and I really, really love it. I use it several times a day, every day, and clean it regularly with cream of tartar, which works wonderfully (thanks Jessie!). It does exactly what it promises to do, and does it well… so it’s yours to evaluate if it suits your needs, but if it does, I wouldn’t hesitate, I don’t see any downsides to it. Yes, it’s automated, but that’s what the whole point of it is… if you are attached to the ritual of making tea and want to do it that way, then it obviously isn’t a relevant tool ;)

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Yamarin said

Wish they would open up the European market for the Breville wistful sigh

Ricky admin said

Couldn’t you just pick one up from the US and get a power convertor?

Uniquity said

There was recently a post about a new product in UK which is identical to Breville. I believe it ended up that it was the same product but distribution rights were different in UK. Someone named Hugo might have been involved? Hmm.

Uniquity said
Yamarin said

@Uniquity Wow cool…quite pricy though…still might be worth it compared to airfare to AU.

@Ricky Have been contemplating the AU version as they have the same type og voltage. Still need a plug for it. I actually had a conversation with breville AU about it which didn’t recommend it as they could not guarantee for the product under different laws…sounded like a disclaimer to me…

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Lynxiebrat said

I have to admit that when I 1st heard about the 1 Touch Breville Tea Maker, I was intrigued, but I decided that with a Variable Temp Kettle would do the job nicely, there was no point in getting the 1 Touch.
But…like many gadget hounds, I found myself wanting that thing, even to looking on Ebay for cheaper ones and bidded on 1, but lost the bid, thought it was just as well, because even that was more then I really could afford, and since my Dad knows how much it is, he thought about it as a Christmas gift for me before he saw the price….(Total sticker shock.) It would be hard to convince him that I didn’t spend at least $175 dollars, and the “Oh I bought it at a garage sale/from a friend that didn’t like it” only goes so far, especially when it looks brand new.
I don’t think it’ll take away (For me anyways.) the loveliness of tea preparation because I’d be inclined to mostly use this thing in the morning thanks to it’s timer function. I have a hard time getting up in time to fix a cup of tea in the morning, so the timer very useful. And I can focus more on the process when I come home from work and take my time in selecting, preparing, etc. And I really like the strength function.

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alice said

I use the Breville as a kind of cross between a teapot and a (very expensive)variable temperature kettle. I had a pretty large collection of tea ware prior to being given the Breville and love the ritual of pouring with a tea pot so had no intention of using the Breville exclusively.

I also quickly discovered that some teas (lapsang, chai, etc) leave behind strong flavours that take a while to wash out.

I love using it when we have friends over though because it has a large capacity and keeps it warm while we chat or play board games or with lego or whatever else adults do these days.

I probably wouldn’t have bought it for myself but I do use it everyday.

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za-hi said

it devalues the tea.

Frolic select said

Have you tried it? How so?

Yamarin said

yes um in what way? (curious)

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