Any other British people/Londoners here?

Hi, I live in London. Until this year I was a coffee fiend. I’d always adored herbal infusions but I wasn’t a particular fan of green tea, I hadn’t really given white tea a chance and I hated black tea with a passion. It was my acupuncturist who coaxed me into giving green tea a proper try – she felt that my double espresso habit was adding to my anxiety and stressing my body out. It turned out that the reason I found green tea so “meh” was because I’d only been drinking fairly low-quality “dust” in teabags. Once I began exploring the many, many different types of green and white teas, I fell in love. Still exploring. I’d love to hear from fellow Brits about the best places to buy tea etc :-)

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Roughage said


I live near Hull and mostly get my tea from Canton Tea Co. these days. Their mail order service is second to none. I plan to try other UK-based stores and also people like Yunnan Sourcing in China but Canton keep sending me discount offers that suck me back to them before I have orders ready for the other places! :) For teaware I have popped into our local Chinese supermarket, where I picked up a rather nice Yixing teapot. I also use eBay rather more than I should. Looking forward to my new tea tray coming at some point in the next month or so.

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Does seem that there are very free UK based Steepsters. Where is everyone?

We are based in Dorset.

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Roland said

I’ve tried a few online tea sellers in the UK – I’ve been very impressed by both the teas and the service from:

Waterloo Teas
Postcard Teas
Wan Ling Tea House
Everyman Tea Company

although there are lots of others I haven’t tried as yet.

I’m in Staffordshire, so I don’t make it down to London very often, but I hear Postcard Teas ( and TeaSmith ( are both well worth a visit.

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Keemun said

Dear William

China Town in Soho.
Harrods is having a great selection on teas too.


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Hey there – I’m a Brit AND Londoner, but now based in Fuzhou China. I run – feel free to take a look at what we offer.

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I’m not from the UK or anything but I was curious…where can I find AUTHENTIC black tea that’s your guys’ normal everyday tea? I’ve read that your stuff is alot stronger or something then stuff I can get over here. Is there a specific brand or type? Thanks!

Rachel J said

Hi! I’m not British, but as a total Anglophile, I have looked into British tea. Two of the most popular brands over there are PG Tips and Typhoo. Both of these are a CTC blended black tea you can buy in bags or loose. It is not the kind of fine loose leaf tea that real enthusiasts are into, but I’ve had PG Tips, and for a bracing morning cup with some milk and sugar, it does the job splendidly.

Rachel J said

Oh, I’ve also had one called Brooke Bond Red Label that is apparently very popular with the Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi population. It’s made by the same company as PG Tips.

I’m not British, but I live in the UK.
Most teas available in the US labeled English breakfast will probably be pretty close to what you’re looking for. There’s also a bunch of UK brands of bagged tea available here:
I like to buy teas that have Fairtrade certification, but those unfortunately don’t have the US distribution that PG Tips and others have.

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