Glass Tea Bottle and Temperature

Hello, folks. I just bought a 16-oz. tea bottle from Teavana, and was wondering if anyone had any info on how much heat it can take without breaking. Both the inner and outer bottles are borosilicate glass.

Also, I wonder about recommended steeping temperatures and heat loss. If the water is supposed to be 175 degrees, but I pour it into a room temperature container, doesn’t the temperature of the water drop a significant amount? Or does the recommended temperature take this into account?



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Since it’s a tea tumbler, you would assume it could take boiling water. However, looking at reviews on Teavana’s site for their glass tumblers, a few people have noted that boiling water has caused them to shatter. This could be from an extreme temperature change, such as bringing it in from a cold car and putting in the water.

To make sure your water stays the right temperature, you should rinse your steeping vessel with the heated water prior to use. This warms the mug/teapot/tumbler so that the water stays the correct temperature longer.

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Miss Alex said

Make sure that you don’t pour the boiling water into a below room-temperature container, as you will risk fracturing the glass.

As well, I used to use my double-wall bottle for single serving iced teas and found that between the hot water and the fridge trips, the silicon seal actually warped just enough that I can’t sit my bottle sideways without it dribbling tea (typically down my back from my knapsack).

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