how many cups?

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Too numerous to mention. I saw a documentary where this 90 something year old man drank 100 cups a day. I am figuring they are those tiny cups….

DC said

Maybe those are the serving cups used in Chinese tea?
Each cup is supposed to be consumed in 3 sips according to tradition, 100 cups of that is not inconceivable…..

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I didnt realize i drank so much till i read how many cups others drink, how much is too much?? is there a too much???, im sure i drink more than 20 cups a day but i dont drink sodas or really anything else just tea all day my cups is never empty, i may need to slow down but it just makes me feel so good i get “tea drunk” sometimes even. I do drink water sometimes when i need something cold to drink and dont have cold tea made up.

Wonks said

I can’t help but notice that you posted this at 3AM…

yeah, i stay up all night sometimes insomnia :) prolly from too much tea

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tigress_al said

Probably about 4 cups the days that I am working because I don’t have time to make tea.
The days that I am off though, it is probably anywhere from 4-10!

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Welcome to Steepster!

My tea drinking these days are varying a great deal daily. I used to drink between 5 to 8 cups a day. That includes the large to-go container I use for work.

Now it varies even more. Life keeps getting in the way of a good cup some days and believe it or not I may drink just one cup, granted this is usually rare. So some days at least 2 cups and others even more.

I enjoyed it more when things were more consistent. Oh well, such is life. I shall contemplate over a cup of tea.

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I drink tea all day; can’t keep count since it is chain-like smoking. I have never succumb to smoking.

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Depending on the day, at least five to six cups. On the weekend, much more – 10 or so. And some more stressful days I’ll drink up to 12. I also drink in a larger mug at work.

And welcome! :)

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Mike said

Easily 5 – 10 cups a day at work. Water when I get home. I love my green, oolong and rooibos teas!!!!

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My new thermos is absolutely WONDERFULLY amazing and has upped the ante on my tea drinking. It’s 8:30am and I’ve already had one 8oz cup while getting ready, one 16oz mug in the car on the way to work, one 16 oz mug (yes, I brought 2 travel mugs to work!) once I got here, and I’ll probably be done with all 32 oz of my thermos by 10am… So that’s…. nine 8oz cups or twelve 6oz cups before lunch hahaha. The worst part is that I’m a teacher so I can’t just hop out to pee if I have a classroom full of kids! I should probably slow down my tea drinking….

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chaijeeyah said

3 cups (8 oz) on an average working day. Double the amount on free days.

1. Morning: a cup of Gunpowder green and an apple (also green).
2. After work (BEFORE MEAL): I used to come back home from work and get all hectic in the kitchen preparing a meal. But lately I switched to preparing a cup of tea first. It slows me down; it takes away the nervousness I brought from work. Even though I’m anxious to get something to eat, a cup of tea gives me steadiness and suddenly I end up cooking in a slow pace with caution and attention to what I’m doing instead of some nervous chopping and quick frying whatever’s first in sight in the fridge.
3. Evening: recently I started drinking chamomile before sleep.

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I probably drink 2-3 now that I’m home, but when I’m away at school I usually drink 5+. I think it’s because at school I’m always about two steps away from my my kettle, and I’m in my room a lot more.

Also: welcome!

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