How many cups?

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I wake up to tea and turn in to tea. I am becoming tea is what this reads like. (cup count is to high to keep track)

I grew up always drinking tea and believed that there was no caffeine in tea. And despite all of this research that I am supposed to be doing; I continue to think as before; tea=no caffeine; coffee=caffeine; by this, I mean I don’t adhere to the wording “non-caffeinated”; how to remove something that you cannot see or isolate; but one must see it to isolate it? (computer programs can partition screens etc.)

To each his/her own doing. I do have nights where I cannot fall asleep at all but that is because of Jerry-Ma’s Pu-ehr, Da Hang Pao or those other little tree estate teas.

I would say my writing is paradoxically confusing.

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