When I get to 1,000 Followers...

When I get to 1,000 followers I will be sending out a small flatrate shipping box to one of my (new) followers – so – if you aren’t following me yet NOW is the time…HELP ME get to 1,000 followers – you may just be the lucky winner of some samples :)

When I do hit the 1,000 followers mark I will contact the winner via PM :)

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When did Steepster become Twitter?

It’s a conspiracy! lol

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Ninavampi said

OOOOoooohhhhh : ) I am sorta new! ; )

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Wonks said


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SunnyinNY said

Good luck!
I’m already following you…so woohoo!!!

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I follow two just now. Enough; I am told that I am annoying in commenting on all things just for the hell of it. Hope you reach your mark; I tend to miss my marks.

Non-target oriented soul that I am.

I happen to like your posts. And remember, the judgements that others make about you are actually about them (called Freudian projection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection). So keep expressing yourself, and take heart!

I apologize if my comments made you feel this way, my cattiness got the best of me.

@SimpliciTEA….just wow.

aisling of tea very honorable of you; yes, very honorable of you indeed. : )

Well, I hope one day when you take on more people to follow – I hope I can be one of those people. :) CHEERS!

Ever see the movie Desk Set? Depicts life in the office time and time again. Nothing changes, just a freshly coat of paint and one is expected to view it at another angle; not through church-chapel depicting icon lens; just to rise above it.

Sorry, I forgot what I meant to say.

Things are disturbing me and politeness is wasted. I mean I allow for folks to use/misuse me and I have nothing.
It escaped me yet again;

Welp, I tried. >.<

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Hello, I am new here and I am Following you now, thank you :) Happy New Year!!!

Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!

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