SunnyinNY said

California Tea House....thank you!!!

I don’t know if this is in the right place, but I had to post it….

Thank you California Tea House!
I ordered from you based on several reviews here on Steepster. I was instantly impressed with the name of Lime in the Coconut. It’s just too funny. And yes, we’re all thinking of the song again!!

So with my first order, I mentioned I found them on Steepster. I received a little thank you note on my packing list. That’s a sweet touch!

And so after drinking one cup of the Lime in the Coconut, I had to place another order & get the bigger bag. Today I received it & again on my packing list is a message of someone acknowledging my existence! It’s that little touch that makes a customer feel appreciated. It’s that little touch of class that makes me shop with you again!

So to the people at California Tea House….thank you! Great job! I’m definitely going to order from you again…so please keep Lime in the Coconut available. I have a feeling I’m going to need another 8oz pretty soon!

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Lindsay said

I love those small personal touches. Asha Tea House and Verdant Tea sent thank you notes in my orders. Both were hand-written too!

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It sounds like a good account of great customer service.

I think you may have heard this from me before, but just in case you haven’t …

I invite you to create an online place for them (I just checked, and there isn’t one yet), and place these very valuable comments of yours into a review of them!

SunnyinNY said

I actually was wondering if I should have done that. I wasn’t sure I was able to add them since they are a place, but I’m not sure if they are a store or just on-line?

My perspective as a humble blogger just like anyone else (the reason why I am choosing to qualifying this is a long story): you can do just about anything you want out here. I have created an ‘online place’ for a number of ‘Brick and Mortar’ stores, which already have a ‘B&M place’, so-to-speak, as the experiences buying from each will differ, and, IMHO, deserve a separate place for the reviews.

So you are free to create an online place for them. If you don’t know how, or don’t want to, respond here, or PM me (I just started following you), and I will be happy to do it (as long as I have their web address, that is).

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