We have more than you ;)

We just took inventory of our loose leaf tea (herbal, fruit and all camellia sinensis). And we have exactly 100 different ones (most all with 50 grams and more often 100 grams).

But we are at our limit in terms of being able to store this tea in our kitchen.

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The more the merrier :)
According to my Steepster Cupboard, here, I have over 500 different ones…but I don’t have all of them listed and that number does change daily since I am sharing and swapping quite a bit :)

at the moment it actually says 588 in cupboard LOL

Camiah said

As soon as I saw this post I thought of you and figured you’d win. :)

But where and how do you physically store 500 teas?!

@copperbeech – anywhere and everywhere I can :)
Seriously tho…I have two large spaces at home and 4 at work :)

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And here I thought my 100 bags and cans of loose leaf were a lot.

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When I first read the topic I was hearing it in a childish sing-song voice, Na, na, na na na! That totally cracks me up!

TeaEqualsBliss: Over 500? Wow. I am betting LiberTEAS has a ton, too.

I think I have more than 100 different teas (counting samples sized teas, that is) with the purchases I made recently.

I recently had to get creative in order to ‘expand’ where I store all of those wonderful teas. My wife would not allow me to take up another shelf in the pantry (well, I guess I ‘could’ but no reason for me to push in on ‘her’ space), so I recently did some cleaning and creative reorganizing (which basically amounted to moving things to the basement) in a room adjoining the kitchen to make space for more tea. Win-win. Having the amount and number of of teas I currently have is clearly not very ‘simple’, but, I am loving it. : )

Thank you for copperbeech for starting such a funny thread! (and what perfect timing to go into the whole, I-got-more-than-you thing, or, said in a whinny voice, “Oh yeah?! Well mine’s bigger than yoooours!”, right after Christmas, to poke fun at the whole buy-buy-buy, give-give-give, gimme-gimme-gimme syndrome I just participated in!). Woo, hoo! I love making fun of my more shadowy side! Such fun!

Yes, I probably have at least that many, I haven’t taken inventory, and I know that my cupboard is not up to date because I don’t add every tea that I get. I have a designated tea cabinet that my husband bought for me when we moved into the house we are living in now, plus, I’ve got a couple dozen large black tins that hold about 2 pounds of tea that I used when I was operating my tea business, now they hold samples and smaller bags. I have about two shelves in the kitchen cabinets holding tea as well as a couple of boxes now in the dining room full of tea. I have a lot of tea. :)

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I have about a dozen. My parents, who aren’t very tea-knowledgeable, think that’s some huge number.

K S said

We got regular and decaf Lipton. What more do you need? ha.

it’s not that bad, thankfully!

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“regular and decaf Lipton”!!

Sacre bleu!


K S said

Just kidding. Then again I am a bit of a slacker. I only have around 30 teas. Well, plus another 20-30 grocery store bagged teas, including Lipton in regular AND decaf! ha.

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Ninavampi said

Hmmm… I have to do a recount with the lagre amount of teas that I was given for Christmas…. I am guessing I have around 100 as well. : )

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Uniquity said

Including samples, I’ve got over 200 different kinds of tea. I think my Steepster cupboard puts me around 150, but I’ve got loads of little bits that I didn’t put in there. Some of it lives in a drawer at work but the bulk of it is on 2 small sets of DIY shelves that the beau and I bought for the purposes of holding tea. We have two baskets of small samples, and most of the rest is in tins or bags, with varying degrees of fullness. It is definitely a lot of tea, yet I always yearn to try even more teas. There are favourites that are constantly replenished but as with many things I find my tastes evolve over time, so I seek out new ones to try. Lately I’ve gone on a kick of trying unflavoured oolongs, so that has become a lovely addition to the backlog. : )

Uniquity: This makes me laugh! It is amazing how much the tea can get out of control. I can relate to many of the things you describe: tea here and there, the jars/tins/bags in varying degrees of full, and varying degrees of age, etc. One thing I put a lot of effort into is keeping track of how old my green, yellow, and white tea is. I recently made a concerted effort to use up most of last years green and white tea (most of which was already old, as I bought almost all of it on sale). I don’t like to admit it, but I currently spend much more time on ‘tea management’ (finding the best tea for the best price, then buying it, creating a container for it, figuring out where to store it, keeping track of how much I have, and how old it is, cleaning all of the tea stuff, composting it, then writing reviews for it, … the list goes on. … Yeah, I’m anal) than I do on actually enjoying it. This is not good, and I am working on getting my ratio of enjoyment to how much work I put into managing it up. For me, in a way, life is all about increasing the ratio of enjoyment vs non-enjoyment. But, it least that ratio is increasing, and I am enjoying the process. That is what matters most. OK, I’ll stop now. : – }

Uniquity, I feel the same way you do. I’m always looking for new teas, but honestly, I need to stop. I have only so much space. :( If only the husband would help me drink some…

Also, I’m glad to hear you’re learning to like oolongs. :) Oolongs don’t get enough love.

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That would be awesome to have that many teas to choose from, im jelous lol

Tommy the Toad: I just noticed that you have written 25 reviews over the last day! Wow! You go!

Yep, its of the teas that i currently have on hand and have tasted already i still have more to add and to taste i just got tired but ill be adding more soon. i just found this site so i have all these teas to put in my cupboard on here still :) i think i added like 15 but my tealog has 25 i think because i have drank 10 since ive been here maybe? im still figure out how this all works on here :)

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Well, cupboard here on Steepster says 434 but seeings as I add them as I taste them I can easily and safetly add other 50 to that number even thought in my heart of hearts there are even more. I have a huge tea cabinet, tea cubbies, and wall rack, plus boxes that all these teas are stored. I make sure they are all selled and protected properly and in cool dark places away from the sun. The worse part or better part depending on how you look at this is that I keep adding more into the mix. I LOVE tea!

So I guess that puts me at… 484 but more than likely a total over 500

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SunnyinNY said

I am not even in the same ballgame as most of you.
I probably have about 40 different loose leaf teas in sample bags & full sized bags. And I have about a dozen boxes of teabags. Oh & one really big bag of London Cuppa teabags…440 were in there….I think since I got it at Christmas I’m actually down to 400! LOL

Uniquity said

Whoa. 440 in one bag?!

SunnyinNY said

Yup! 440 teabags in one big bag! I love it!!! I’ve actually been sharing it because I don’t think I’ll ever drink it all.

If you want to see it, check out my blog on tea….

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