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Hi, everyone,

I’m back from a three-year hiatus, and I have been trying to update my profile. I’ve tried all sorts of things but I am having a problem uploading my photo; no matter how I edit it, it shows up sideways. I did a forum search but haven’t found a thread on this. Is it just me? Can anyone help me do this?



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Babble said

Hey Rachel! Welcome back (from another Rachel). Thanks for spelling your name the right way.

I bet if you rotate your photo in an external program (like windows photo viewer) and save it and THEN upload it it should work.

What program are you using to edit it?

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Hi, Rachel! Thanks for the response. I have been clicking on the picture in the Pictures file and “Picture Tools” pops up, and then I click on “Manage,” and then I rotate it. It doesn’t seem to matter which way I have it, it won’t go right side up. I’ll see if I have another photo editing software that I can try.

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Woohooo! I’m not sure what I did right but it’s upright now and I’m never changing my photo again. :-D

Thank you!

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Babble said

Woohoo. You are human again!

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