Fluoride in Green and Oolong Teas???

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When you get into the true science of the Linus Pauling Institute report, and the references they cite, you can see that the old chestnut “Everything in moderation” seems to apply to tea as well as most other things in life. The benefits brought to the table by all forms of tea far outweigh any negatives, but it also shows the importance of knowing where your teas come from and whether they are grown in an organic manner. Fluorides in tea are greatly influenced by pollution of soil and air. Particularly where aluminum mining occurs, and/or smelting of various types of ore.
Needless to say, using water that is not fluoridated for brewing your tea also keeps the levels lower.

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Garret said

I’ve lots to say about fluoride, but will keep it short. The fluoride that is added to the water in municipalities is something that you do not want in your body. There is nothing natural about it as it is waste product (an untreated waste product at that, full of arsenic, lead and other uncool things). The waste product is from the aluminum making and fertilizer industry. Bad news.

Legally, they can’t dump it in oceans, streams, lakes or rivers and had to pay to dispose of it. But pay some scientists in the 1940’s to tweak some poorly derived data and BAM!, you can get people to dispose of it for you (in the water supply) AND get paid for your toxic waste at the same time. Bad bad thing to do to our bodies based on bad bad science.

Interesting to note that industries in the US are no longer producing enough of the waste to satisfy the fluoride needs and we now IMPORT this toxic waste from China! They won’t put it in their water because it’s poison. But they’ll sell it to us.

Just checkout Fluoride Action Network for more info from folks who are working tirelessly to help end fluoridation.

So, needless to say, I remove as much of the fluoride as I can using special activated alumina cartridges.

Yes… fluoride naturally occurs in tea. But… teas grown in the shadows of big factory cities will suck up the waste that spews from the stacks. Just go and visit Huangzhou someday (where the famous Dragonwell tea is grown), and you’ll see why I no longer source teas from that area. Even if grown organically, it has particulate matter raining down on it 24/7. No thank you.

Ok… end of rant. Just know that I’ve been studying health and wellness for going on 25 years. The fluoride they add to your water and put in fluoridated toothpastes is truly a toxin. Stay away from it and your thyroid, bones, brain and teeth will thank you.

May the best of health be yours!!

Ninavampi said

Very interesting… and scary… I wonder if the water in Ecuador is any better… We have to boil it before we even consider drinking it at all!

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Organic teas teas anyone?

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