who hoo for WUYI??? WU Yi Tea from the Source..

how many of you enjoyed your Christmas tea treats? i was more than blessed by one who had given me many different teas i have yet to try, including this one called WU YI.

it comes in a satin bag in a box that is crimson red, stating that this tea was made from the old tradition of picking the only two top leaves of the tea plant…and it makes this product exclusive by restriction purchase of one box/customer/month .

to my dismay, the internet only conveys look a likes that wildly pronounce it’s a “diet” tea. i dunno. i very much like it, not for the claim of losing weight [where this box doesn’t claim that at all, it is simply just tea], but it’s a very clean taste all through. i believe it’s an oolong, but again, this company doesn’t have a pronounced website, i only find the gimmick ones of girls losing weight.

If anyone can tell me more about this wu yi tea, and it’s real origins…that would be great!!!

from my cup to yours,
MySpecialTea :)

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Dorothy said

I don’t have much experience with Wuyi tea, but found this documentary to be a good learning experience. http://teamasters.blogspot.com/2011/11/wu-yi-tea-documentary.html

But in short, you have an oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains, China. There are a lot of different Wuyi teas, so I cannot tell you which one was gifted.

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DC said

Vicony posted a link to this great article on wuyi teas. Some of my favorite teas come from the Wuyi area, like Rougoi, Dahongpao and Lapsang Souchong


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TeaVivre said

Wuyi oolong tea is also known as Rock Tea or Yancha which is produced in Wuyi, northern Fujian. Also, it is one of Chinese top ten teas. Wuyi tea is semi-fermented, and the main products for wuyi tea contain: Da Hong Pao, Bai Ji Guan, Shuixian, Rougui and so on.

Wuyi tea also very beneficial to human’s body health. It has the following tea functions:

1: improve immunity
2:anti-aging and anti-cancer
3: loose weight
4:protect tooth
5: get rid of tired and radiation proof

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wow this info is so helpful!!! thank you so much!!! i am all themore for enjoying this tea thanks to you wonderful people!! i raise my cuppa to you! ;)

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