New to tea- resteeping, Teavana and other questions

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I’ve been to the tea trekker store before, completely randomly when I was visiting northampton, and I can confirm that their teas are very good.

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Sadly, teavana is the only thing around for me, which is why I have been ordering teas online, which has been ok so far. Though I have nothing against teavana, ( I even want to work there) I do agree that their whole goal is sales. I had one employee tell me it’s about tea accessories not tea itself. However, I do love plenty of teas there, but I venture away from it often.

And yes cast iron is great, but for me personally I’m happily waiting for a good pay check to get one. They’re heavy and bulky and too much for me. I like my light japanese ceramic tea pot.

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Welcome to the world of tea and adventure! The way I fell in love with stuff is as much I fell in love of traveling and and falling in love where ever the plane dropped me off. Teas is as much the same as traveling without the pesky bills and the TSA giving you pat downs. Oh no! With teas, there are so many varieties and flavors to love and the rich history behind each cup there could not be anything wrong sipping all day on any teas you fancy. I say start out what you were drinking the first time and try it in a loose leaf form and try it un sweetened or lightly sweetend without anything. You will soon love the taste of each leaf in the tea a feel refreshed and soon acquire a taste for specific varieties at which you can expand. If you really like flavored teas, try Herbal Tisanes like rooibos, chammamile , etc because its you taste much of the stuff you brewed than the additives you put in. The skies the limit and the world is your oyster, enjoy the world of teas!

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