Zack S. said

What happened to Whispering Pines?

Hands down my favorite tea shop, but recently he doesn’t seem to be doing much. I sent a message on social media with no reply.. so I am kind of getting worried! Hope that this is just downtime and that it will pickup in the near future. Does anyone have any info on WP?

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AllanK said

The website is still up but I don’t notice offhand if there is anything new there, but then again I didn’t look that much.

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All I know is that he’s sporadically active on IG but he posted a couple days ago. He also recently made a new account (for a side business).

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No clue where they went, but it is a shame. From what I can tell, Brenden tried to run his business ethically instead of using marketing tactics or outrageous margins to pull a fast one on the customers. We try to do the same, but the tea industry needs more good vendors to help it really improve, particularly in the US.

Brenden enjoys the outdoors and also honing his crafts.

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Error said

As far as I remember he likes being outdoor, so I guess just taking a few days out in nature.

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