Trying to lose weight?

With new years just over, it’s no wonder why so many people are trying to lose the weight they gained over the Christmas holidays. Some have been fighting this battle for way longer than this past holidays too!

If you want to curve cravings and actually feel full, one of the best things I have found to work is tea. With so many flavor options to chose from you can have your cake, so to speak, and drink it too.

Plus, tea (on it’s own) is calorie and fat free so it will not interfere with your daily intake. The only thing it will interfere with is grabbing that chocolate bar or creme caramel dessert you’ve been eying.

Why not give it a try? Chances are you have tried many other failed options.

Visit and order some of our flavorful, yummy calorie free teas today.

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Just a side note… I tried to “friend” you on Facebook but couldn’t find you! Is there a link on your website anywhere?

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Hi, there. You can find us at We also have links to our page and to follow us on twitter on our website.
To follow us on twitter we are @STILLWATERTEA.

Thank you! If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

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