Raritea said

Foreign Tea (Cha Xiang Si Yi)

Hi everyone! This is my first post here so please be nice :) I’m very excited to be part of this lovely online community, by the way!

I recently acquired a tea that was brought back from China for a friend and was given to me by that person (who doesn’t drink tea). The only English characters on the tin spell out “Cha Xiang Si Yi”. The tea itself smells reminiscent of matcha. I’m pretty sure that it’s a green tea (the tin itself is green). I just wanted to get some expert advise on how much I should use and for how long I should infuse. Thanks in advance for reading my post!

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Will said

Can you post a picture of the tin?

TeaVivre said

From the picture you posted, I learned this is a tea called: Li Yang Ming Cha (溧阳茗茶), the English characters on the tin spell out “Cha Xiang Si Yi”, in Chinese that are “ 茶香四溢”, . this tea is produced in Tianmu Lake (天目湖), also it indicated that Tianmu Lake is a perfect place for vacation, it was regarded as a 4A place by the national. Also the picture in the middle we can see the tea’s Net Weight: 62.5g, the production date: this can be seen in the bottom of the tin, as well as the Shelf life: 12 month.

This is an un-fermented tea, and Li Yang Ming tea contain several types of tea, such as Li Yang Shou Mei (寿眉) and Cui Bai(翠柏). Also, this is depend on which Li Yang tea you have, but for most green tea, you can put 1-2 teaspoons tea for 8oz of water, and then steep it in 1-2 mins.

Raritea said

Thank you so much for translating everything for me. It’s been really difficult to hold off drinking it- it smells amazing! Now I can know that I would be brewing it the right way. Thank you for your help with this mystery tea!

TeaVivre said

It’s my pleasure to help you figure this problem out. Have a nice day!

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