hello everyone!

Just like my travels I love being part of the community and getting to know the locals around. This lovely site of tea and all things tea is just a site for me to touch up on the shrub and the talk about tea. To be around the company of tea enthusiasts is to be around family and friends, sort of like friends or family members I never knew. I guess thats a part of being a traveler, there are so much around the world you discover and found all along to be a part of you: the food, culture, and the many peoples. This in away reflects me as a tea drinker, as tea is alive with history of many peoples and varieties of cultures, just by drinking it and even engaged in the topic of tea in a way brings out the explorer out of us…tea drinkers and travelers.

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Greetings and welcome to Steepster. I am not a traveling tea drinker, but I do believe that drinking tea takes us on a journey. :) It would be nice to hear of some stories of your travels, perhaps I can travel vicariously through your storytelling.

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Ninavampi said

I love traveling… I only wish I could do more of it! Welcome to Steepster! : )
It is always fun to read other people’s stories and opinions! I agree with LiberTEAS in that hopefully I will get to travel through your writtings!

Yes, I love to travel as well, I unfortunately am not able to do much of it as we have kids and that kind of roots a family, you know? Maybe once the kids are grown we might be able to do more traveling, that would be wonderful.

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