Glass Infuser Mug Recommendations

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I had a Primula and the glass infuser insert broke a day after I got it (no kidding)

Now I have a glass mug and a Finum mesh filter which seems to be the best of both worlds.

rsaw said

I kind of had a feeling that there’s no such thing as an infuser that’s both sturdy and glass. I guess I’ll just use a Finum Brewing Basket in glass since it seems inevitable that a glass infuser will break.

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noordelijk said

I got one from DavidsTea. I’ve had it for over 6 months and it’s still in perfect condition. I like the little lid that you can set the basket on cause it collects the excess water too.

Teavana also has a couple where the steeper is glass too so you can actually see your tea leaves as they steep. I haven’t used them before though so I don’t know how they compare.

My personal favourite glassware product is the noble glass travel thermos. I just find it very beautiful and it’s an added bonus that you can take it with you (as long as you’re careful with it).

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Lala said

I just bought a Libre glass infuser tumbler and it is awesome!! Double walled glass, BPA free, there is a screw on mesh strainer that is separate from the screw on lid. It advertises the mesh strainer is fine enough for loose rooibos but I haven’t tried it for rooibos yet. It comes in different sizes, I got a 9 oz which I love, becuase it is not too big and not too small. Leak proof. 3 ways to brew the tea. Super happy with this purchase, even though I have more than enough tumblers, one for every day of the month…and more.

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Has anyone tried the one from Jing Tea…

It looks very nice, but I’m trying to decide on whether I need one. I currently use the Luci Infuser from Tea Forte and put in a standard mug…

I think it works well with some of the smaller leaves, but isn’t so good for rolled teas or larger leaves. It does look rather lovely as well.


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I’m madly in love with my Bodum Pavina. Madly. I just have the 8oz glass and use a separate infuser, but I know they sell a “tea for one” set with an infuser that comes along iwth it.

pavl said

its the Bodum Yo Yo personal set, I highly recommend it too

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amuhlou said

Based on this thread I picked up the Finium Brew Basket (Large) and David’s Tea Perfect Tea Mug for my hubby as a valentine’s gift. He uses primarily herbals so I wanted to be sure he had a very fine filter.

They both work wonderfully! I bought a Finium for myself as well. Thanks for the recommendation Steepsters!

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