lcg842 said

Tea Memories/Experiences

When you drink a specific kind of tea, what thoughts/memories/experiences do you associate with that tea?

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Kay Kanada said

Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA

This is not a tea that I particularily enjoyed, but the small amount of it I had always ended up in a thermos accompanying me on colder summer evenings when I was dead-tired from my exhausting and demanding new job, but still had a bazillion errands to do. And it was always raining.

Whenever I smell this tea, I think of cool and rainy summer evenings, and getting lost in Montréal. But, oddly enough, it’s a completely positive memory!

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SunnyinNY said

Forest Berries by Adagio Teas

This was the first loose leaf tea I ever tried. It reminds me that I had a lot to learn & appreciate with loose leaf teas. I served this at my first tea party & loved that everyone enjoyed it…hot or iced. And it’s one of my favorite go to teas that I always keep on hand.

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