Teavana Sale at 35 to 75%!

Everyone knows that pricey and snobby giant known as Teavana that won’t lower prices on their teas and products…their unforgettable teas and the feeling that you have been taken advantaged after you leave their stores! Well, I’m writing you all now after it has been a month or two and I have still not know about this sale till now and I have just acquired teas at drop dead prices! 5 dollars fer 2 ounces, the cheapest being 3.80 per two ounces and the most expensive at half price at 15 per two ounces! Even the esteemed Darjeeling who everyone knows is the" champagne" of all teas is sold at 5$ dollars per 2 ounces! Finally Teavana is learning to be available to the masses and teas that was once just the pleasures of the well to do can be bought by anyone who has a taste for tea! After all, Teavana’s mission is to appeal to the masses and promote a tea culture that will happily buy products at premium prices and enjoy as much as possible. I certainly hope Teavana learns to be available to everyone otherwise its gone like the dodo!

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I also just found out about this sale. I just bought two pounds of tea at $1.75 per 2oz. Then I entered this code: F25356 for a free teaspoon. :) Code only works if you purchase $25 worth of tea.

The code F00007 seems to work for a free teaspoon at any amount (I only spent $20 and it accepted it), too.

the code works when i first bought the teas! need every leaf they put in the bag!
By the way Mercury, what kind of tea you bought?

I got the Zocolatte Spice Herbal tea. It’s a silly name for an awesome tea. SpecialTeas sold it as Spicy Chocolate and I was devastated when I thought it was gone forever. :( of course I wouldn’t pay Teavana full price for it so this sale is perfect.

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I just ordered because I saw this message! I got a free teaspoon and one free ounce of tea with my $19 order. I usually don’t order from teavana but I couldn’t pass up the sale. I’ll try ordering from an indie shop next time, but it may be a while!

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kOmpir said

Too bad that the lowest shipping fee for my country is $14.60…

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Katiek said

I purchased some clear tea pitchers for making iced tea at a nice value.

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