Mel said

Yixing...can I dedicate it to just green oolongs?

I made an awesome thrift store find, and got myself a yixing teapot. Only $2 in perfect condition. I only drink oolongs on the greener side of the spectrum. I’ve read where people dedicate each yixing to each type of oolong, well I’m not that dedicated yet. Will mixing with different green oolong effect the teapot much, or mess up the taste? Or are they light enough, it shouldn’t matter? I just prefer to ask the experts before I use my new teapot. Also, it looks like it was never used, so no previous flavor should be there.

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You should totally dedicate it to only one type of oolong. In fact, you might want to stick to only one kind of green oolong – like the high-mountain varieties or the green tieguanyin varieties or wen shan baozhong. I have one yixing only for greener high-mountain oolongs, another for the oriental beauties and another for roasted oolongs.
If you mix the varieties up, then the flavor the pot imparts will become muddled. Nice find for you! Have fun with it!

Mel said

Thank you, I was wondering how absorbed the flavors would get. I appreciate your advice, and will dedicate it to only one type. I drink a mix of those oolongs. I am glad I didn’t just go right ahead and brewed them all in there.

SunnyinNY said

Wow! This is definitely good to know.

Congrats on finding the teapot for such a steal of a price!
Enjoy it!

TeaVivre said

The most special characteristic of yixing Sand-Fired teapot is: do not take away the aroma of the tea, on the contrary, it can absorb tea aroma with the day went on. If you use the tea pot for a long time, when you pour the boiling water in it, the most amazing thing is that you can smell the tea’s aroma.

And I agree with Chris Wilhite’s opinion, do not use one yixing teapot to brewing any tea that you want. If you want to have a better taste with using Sand-fired teapot, I suggest you can brewing pu’erh and oolong teas. Because the two types of tea need high temperature, usually about 95℃-100℃, while another characteristic for yinxing is that can keep warm, so we can better taste the teas original flavor. Enjoy your cups!

viconyteas said

I just worry about that what a Yixing tea pot can be at USD2. I heard in China that some bad teapot manufacturers used hazardous materials to make so claimed Yixing teapot which is very harmful to health because of radiation. Now the original clay to make Yixing teapot is becoming little so the true Yixing teapot is not cheap even in China so be careful away from the cheap harmful Yixing teapot.

We, Vicony Teas, don’t deal with tea wares. Here just a kind reminder to you.

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