tacy said

teavana kettle

I am new here to this site but thought I would reach out to my tea lovers that may have experienced the same as I. Recently I purchased a teapot from Teavana not knowing it was final sale. It’s new in the box with the handle detached. Ok so you can’t put the handle on it what is the secret? Thank you in advance!

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AllanK said

If it arrived broken you might have had some recourse when the Teavana website was still open but they have been closed for months. Maybe if you posted a picture of the kettle someone can tell you how to attach the handle if it is possible otherwise I would say just throw it out. Your only recourse about anything Teavana would be to contact Starbucks corporate as they are technically still in ownership of all things Teavana. It can’t hurt to contact them. The worst that can happen is they can tell you you are out of luck.

AllanK said

What kind of teapot was it? If it was a cast iron teapot it may be possible to put the handle back on, if it was a clay pot and the handle is broken off then you cannot put it back on. Telling us what kind of pot it is might help.

Brian said

teavana still sells stuff?

AllanK said

No they closed months ago.

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