Tea Rehab

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SimplyJenW said

I am now in for a no buy until March. I feel I have made up for my Christmas tea fiasco/non-delivery, and am currently waiting on two more teas to arrive (one from Ovation, and one from that T place….you know…the one who shall not be named). I will not buy more, though, until March….or maybe even April (who am I kidding?!! I will be lucky to make it to March…)

I am getting ready to do some rehoming soon, too!

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Camiah said

Oooh! Oooh! I’m in! My husband will be so happy to hear I’m on a tea-buying moratorium. I think he looks at the kitchen with all the tea everywhere with a bit of despair. My goal is to drink down a substantial part of what I have. And I do have vast quantities of certain teas that could use some love. I’ll try and hold out through the month of March. Maybe even past tax day in April.

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