Tea Rehab

Ok tea peeps, I’ve decided to take up a tea experiment.
My cupboard is teeming with tea and paraphernalia. I have more than enough to last me an entire year let alone a few months.
SO… here it is folks:
I vow to not buy any more tea until March, at which time I plan to re-evaluate my cupboard and decide if it’s decreased in size enough to warrant more than the one purchase I will allow myself. If not, I’ll go into hibernation for another month and start the process over again.
During this time, I am permitted to spontaneously purchase one steaming cup from a tea vendor per week. (Social occasions not counted)
Despite this, I have more than enough options to sample a different tea each day, and even have a healthy dose of first-timers in there —I have maybe half a dozen teas left to try from STE, a bunch from various swaps/donors, and one or two that Mum bought hiding in boxes that Mum bought ages ago.
Oh and the Tea Guild of Canada event I’ll be attending on Feb 4th will allow me to sample some new teas as well but since that isn’t a “purchase” I’ll consider that a gift :P
This will be a definite contrast against my history of purchasing up to three teas in one day. But ya know what? I’m actually looking forward to the challenge.
Perhaps when this is done, my wallet will be fatter and my tea cravings wiser. Or… well there is the possibility that I’ll have gone nutty. or more likely, it’ll be broke, after realizing I was silly to try controlling the habit and I’ll end up spending the accrued savings on hot sweet tea!!
Nonetheless, I feel this needs to be done, for the sake of my sense of control. It’s gotten overwhelming, and I’m feeling like a tea piggy!! Not that I want to do this you see… I guess I’m still adjusting to buying for my personal drinking habits.
Now that I know which kinds I like/hate, it should be easier once I get through the initial culling. (Right?!)
Well folks, this is it!! Who’s with me???

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Btw, making a public statement like this is supposed to help to… a verbal contract if you will :)

Yeah…….that’s what I thought too. Read my comments at the bottom of this page linked here:


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I sense a shop opening up…far better than “vana”! What teas you will get rid off and what is the ones you’ll certainly keep?

Hmm. Well I’ve purged most of those I can’t stand already. Only those I haven’t tried and maybe one or two others will be purged. Stay tuned :)

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gmathis said

With you. Go, team! Here’s for tea austerity!

hehe thank you Gmathis! :)

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I’m waiting until after the first week of February, that’s all I can promise you. ;-)

I’ll take what I can get, thanks Amy :)

I’m done with my tea purchases until Spring or Summer. I almost bought more tea on SUNDAY………..almost! ;>))

stay strong Scott, you can do it!! :P

I didn’t make it. Passed by the Lupicia store today and walked right in. :)

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Dinosara said

Here’s my public contract! My tea buying resolutions are such: I have a few groupon-style tea deals that I have been sitting on and which are expiring in the next couple of months. Those are basically paid for, minus shipping, taxes, and the extra charges because I can’t quite make it add up to the deal amount. I have three of those (and clearly I am a bit out of control in my tea buying because I bought samples from one of the places on black friday without realizing that I had a groupon for that tea place already! I guess at least I know what I can buy with my groupon now…)

So no tea buying for me except for those three deals… and then I will likely be going to China in April, which is a big reason not to buy any tea before then! And for keeping a lot of room in my suitcase.

Actually I have a confession to make to. I accidentally gave away my Amaretto Lapacho tea from David’s so I need to go and buy some more!! I mean, I LOVE that stuff…
thanks for the support Dinosara :) and have a blast in China!!!! so jealous!

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SunnyinNY said

If you had posted this a few days ago, I would have gladly jumped on the bandwagon…but sadly, I’m looking to make another tea purchase this week. I found a flavor that I MUST have on hand. Hate when that happens…but it seems to be happening more & more since coming to this site!

But I applaud your determination! And I will gladly offer support!

ps…is it okay for me to shop in your place this way I’m helping to stimulate the economy??

oh no, that is the worst when you find a tea that is so perfect for you, just when you don’t need to spend more money! agh!!
and shop wherever your tea heart desires, Toronto is a great city!! :)

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Tina S. said

Wait, Tea Guild of Canada event? Please please tell me more!

As for the contract, I totally am doing this right now with my nail polish collection. 3 months no purchasing and holding strong.

Check the website out! there is an event on Feb 4th. You should join!! The annual fee is $50.00 but that covers four meetings, I think. Not sure what else. I would SO love to meet another fellow steepsterite :)

Tina S. said

I am definitely tempted!

SunnyinNY said

If I lived in Toronto, you’d meet me :)
I would gladly go!

well if you are ever in Toronto, be sure to PM me!! that would be awesome :)

SunnyinNY said

You’re on!

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I will join you! (Um… but can I do it AFTER I make my February purchase…?)


I CAN vow that I’m not going to buy anything for the rest of this month, though! :)

lol everyone has the same reaction… “I can’t, I have too many planned” or “as soon as I buy this tin!”— I love how we all understand the passion. Nobody except my steepster family seems to understand!!! :P

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Ahhh! I want to hop on the bandwagon but I just ran out of two of my favorites (Teavana Body + Mind and Samovar Ancient Gold). Can I join you in one week, after I’ve replenished what has run out? I’m arranging a few swaps so that may help to tide me over until March, plus I just received an order from Den’s — I might just have enough to get me through a no-buying month.

I take my hat off to your amazing willpower. It’s stronger than mine. :)

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I’m working my way around the whole “not buying” tea thing by SWAPPING teas on here, instead… That’s a win/win for everyone! Cleaning out some teas, trying new ones, all without BUYING anything :) anyone else wanna trade? I’m on a roll :)

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