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NEW ~ Summer Time Sale!

Greetings everyone!

BY POPULAR REQUEST – I’ve expanded this sale one more day – this discount is good through Tuesday, July 31 at midnight (Pacific Time). Stock up while the price is right!

It’s been a couple of months since my last sale – so I thought I’d have another one (July Black Friday Weekend?) – so here’s the deal:

Put $25 or more in your cart and use the code SUMMER in the discount field at checkout and you’ll receive 30% off your entire order (not including shipping).


As with everything, there are some limitations and here are the ones for this sale: This discount is for all new orders only, does not apply to subscriptions, and are only for orders completed using paypal. Good for everything currently in stock. Cannot be combined with any other discount – except if you are a subscriber, I can combine shipping with your August shipment (which will ship around August 15) and you’ll be refunded the $3 for shipping.

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Ugh, I’ve had to deal with plantar fasciitis before (six long months of physical therapy to avoid surgery, and boughts of pain still creep up on me from time to time if I’m on my feet too long or have too strenuous of activity). It is very painful and a slow road to recovery. Hang in there, Anne!

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Thanks! Yeah, some days are better than others. I’ve been on the medication for just over a week now, and at the start – like a day or two after I started taking the medication – I really noticed a difference and I was starting to feel pretty pain-free. But then, over the last few days, the pain seems to have made up for it and I’ve barely been able to walk, much less stand to do what I need to do in my tea studio. It’s frustrating – but I’m doing my best to do what I can when I can.

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So sorry to hear that you are suffering, Anne.

FWIW, a friend had this same very painful thing for quite some time. In her experience, physio was not all that helpful. However, acupuncture was and it very effectively dealt with the pain. She managed to dispatch the condition altogether when she finally gave in and got custom orthotics made and began wearing them.

I hope this passes swiftly and relatively easily for you.

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