Black's- Am I missing any?

Help me out tea people!! as most everyone here, I’m on a mission to try all the different tea types. and despite my challenges, I think I’ve made it through most of the Black/Red teas. Can anyone tell me which ones I am missing? I mean, sure there are varieties within each level of tea but I’m talking about the generic regional standards.
So here is what I have tried, off the top of my head:
Lapsang Souchong
Golden Monkey
Earl Grey and Chai (honourable mentions. I know they aren’t regional!)

I think there are a few outliers. I’ve yet to try anything from Nepal for instance.
Anyhow, whatever you can suggest would be much appreciated!! thanks! xx

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what about africa?

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oh jeeze, I don’t even know where to begin searching!
I think I’ve had one from Kenya. Milima I think it was. Actually, I should add that one to my list!!
thanks for the suggestion Taite :)

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AJ said

Black teas by area grown?

Nilgiri (of the Tamil Nadu state)
Arunachal Pradesh state (delicious)

Hunan province (mmm)
Henan province just recently began producing black tea as well, I believe.

North Carolina (still operating, I believe?)
Washington (can only get it locally, I think)

Taiwan’s Sun-Moon Lake (in Nantou)
Vietnam, Ha Giang province (and others; don’t know how many of those produce black, however)
Tregothnan Estate, England (I believe their single-estate tea is quite pricey, otherwise they blend it with tea from out-of country)

Can’t seem to confirm, but I BELIEVE New Zealand produces a black alongside it’s oolong.

Kay Kanada said

I never knew about Washington – I now have a new mission!

Also, there’s the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina that produces American Classic Tea

Mariage Freres has an Arunchal Pradesh tea DONYI POLO FTGFOP1. I have been trying to find places that carry it.

AJ said

Do they really? Thank you! Aah, Mariage Freres teas are notoriously tricky to locate.

No problem. I went on a search for it after I tried Dawn. They have it on their website but I have no idea if the they ship to North America.

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oh my, that is quite a list!! Thank you AJ!! I’ll try and find all of these eventually :)

AJ said

You’re welcome. I know companies for a few of them, but others don’t seem to have any active online companies selling them anymore (the last company to carry from Arunachal Pradesh, for example, was The Simple Leaf [“Dawn”], but they have since gone under).

that is a shame. Maybe another company will pick it up!

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kOmpir said

Fujian blacks (Bailin, Tanyang, Jin Jun Mei) ?

oh hey I forgot all about those! dunno where I can get them. I need to research! thanks for the tip kOmpir!!

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hmmm…. georgian black teas and turkish teas?

American plantation blacks and tregothan English grown blacks maybe?

I’ve never heard of ’em either!

I already know about the american grown black tea , but the english grown black in Cornwall was the most obscure till I stumbled on to it on the web. Here is the url for it: They have their own private gardens that grows tea and varieties of flowers. Its also a nice place to rent out a cottage and “disappear for while” around the estate.

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Angrboda said

I am noticing a suspicious lack of Fujian in that list there, although somebody else already pointed that out.

You might want to have a look at Nothing But Tea’s shop. They have a lot of stuff from lesser known areas, including some South American stuff (or they used to anyway).

From India, you’re also missing Dooars and Sikkim.

For the Chinese areas, I suggest you look up TeaSpring or try to find other shops that specialise in Chinese tea, because many other shops seems to often only carry the very most popular ones.

Depending on how much you want to go into detail with it, Ceylon is more than just Ceylon. You might be interested in finding somewhere that can give you a taste in the different areas of Ceylon. Tea is grown in notable differences of elevation there too.

I’m afraid, in you mission to try EVERYTHING, you’ve got a long way to go still. :)

oh no doubt about it Angroboda! I have a loooong way to go in trying them all. And I SO agree about the Ceylon. I have two that have entirely different profiles.
Thanks for the suggestion. Making some of these purchases when I am done with this purge I am on will be such a treat!!! :P

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Ninavampi said

How about Ecuadorian black tea? I have only had it bagged, but it is unique. It is grown at super high altitudes! : ) I know most of it goes to England, but some of it is sold here bagged. The brand? Horniman! hahaha… Seriously.

If you would like to try some, I would gladly send you some! : )

Wouldn’t the shipping on that be more than the tea lol
I would absolutely love it if you could send me some but I’d really like to send something back, if there is anything you want??

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