kOmpir said

'Address couldn't be found' issue

When I try to add tea shop in Bosnia I get ‘Address couldn’t be found’ issue. What’s with that? There isn’t that street in database that it’s being pulled from?

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Ricky said

Can you provide me with the data you are trying to fill in?

Name of Place:
Country: Bosnia


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kOmpir said

Name of Place: Franz & Sophie
Address: Petrakijina 6
City: Sarajevo
Province: (What goes under this? In B&H we have 2 entities, Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska. Federation has 10 cantons furthermore. Sarajevo is in Federation entity and is actually a canton – “Kanton Sarajevo”.)
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

They’re open from Monday to Sunday 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM, serve light snacks, loose tea and the shop is in modern ambient.

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Ricky said

Thanks for catching this, unfortunately it seems its an issue with our end :(

Closing this thread for now, if there’s any other problems in the future, feel free to send [email protected] an email.

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