Article: Best tea substitutes for coffee!

Which tea is best when you are looking to make the switch from coffee?
This question circulates on tea forums quite frequently!

So we have decided to address it in our new blog post:

Do you guys have any favorite teas for when you need a good amount of energy, but don’t want to drink coffee (and possibly experience a coffee crash)?

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AllanK said

I find that the best tea substitute for coffee is ripe puerh tea. It in it’s young form is almost as black as coffee especially if you brew it for a long time, longer than in gongfu. It is generally blacker than black tea which is actually called red tea in China.

Completely agree with you! A nice ripe pu-erh can be pretty mind blowing. Much more powerful than coffee in my opinion. In the good way :)

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Barely tea is a good choice, but it has no caffeine. In Japan it’s a drink for summertime cold. It’s good!

Yes, love barley tea! Depending on the source and processing, the taste of barley tea can really resemble coffee. And although there’s no caffeine it’s still very nice and refreshing.

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LuckyMe said

Heavy roasted dong ding or TGY can be coffee like too.

Gunpowder green tea and hojicha are nice options for coffee lovers interested in green tea.

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