Iced tea question

So what teas work well as iced teas?

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Brian said

All of them! From strong blacks to delicate whites, they all make excellent “iced” teas.

Really it depends on your personal tastes. I would recommend experimenting with teas you enjoy hot. And even try some you wouldn’t think to drink cold (pu-erh for instance).

I think the biggest factor in whether or not you will enjoy a certain tea cold is your method to get your cold tea.

The top two methods are to brew hot and cool down OR cold brew… definitely cold brew! It takes much longer but the results are far superior. Just get some cold water, throw in some tea leaves (anywhere from 1tsp to 1T… or more, per 8 oz of water), cover, refrigerate for 4-8 hours… or however long until it tastes the way you want it), strain and enjoy. With some teas you can add more water to the steeped leaves and repeat.

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You may want to check out this older thread all about ice tea!

Threewhales thanks, that helps, I have found that some of my teas that I like hot, I like even more iced. It’s a great way to drink my tea all day long.

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Spot52 select said

I have experimented to see what I like, and that is the best advice.

I have found some that I hate iced. I thought peppermint tea would taste great cold…I was wrong. Lol.

Uniquity said

I had the same discovery regarding peppermint..

Mel said

I love peppermint iced! Though I drink almost everything iced. I like it with blends more. TeaGshewender makes great blends with nano and orange mint. They are lighter mints.

I also enjoy peppermint cold, but only if the leaves are left in overnight. So cooling and mentholy. :)

Uniquity said

I think part of why I don’t like it iced is that I don’t actually like very many teas iced. Or any at all. I would rather have water! : )

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Feebs said

Samovar tea lounge have a great blog with amazing brewing tips. Here is their spiel on cold brewing iced teas:

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Feebs said

One of my favourite combos is a lemongrass and hibiscus blend with a bit of turkish apple mixed in. Flavour party!

Scented and flavoured greens make fantastic iced teas. You get the clean grassiness of the green tea and the flavouring gives it that extra somthin-somthin.

Experimented the other day: A jasmine silver needles cold brewed, garnished with 2 split passionfruit and a sliced kiwi fruit. Magical, refreshing, floral and so pure tasting.


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