Erin said

Washing teaware

How often do you guys wash your teaware (cups/infusers/pots/etc)? Do you use soap every time? Do you put them in the dishwasher?
I just bought my first ever (!!) teapot and I’m wondering if washing after each use like I do with my mugs and infusers is necessary. I know my mom usually just rinses out her teapot.

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Dorothy said

I wash my glass and porcelain/enameled ceramic teaware when I’m done with them. Just a bit of scrubbing with dish detergent in my sink, and leaving them to dry afterward.
If you have to go to a lot of bother to put everything in the dishwasher, maybe you could just rinse your teaware with hot water.

I tend to drink a lot of different teas throughout the day, so I don’t like tasting puerh again on my teaware when I brew up oolong. This is why I wash my teaware frequently.

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Hoogs said

I figure a good rinse with hot water is enough as long as the cup/pot hasn’t been sitting out long enough for residue to dry onto it.

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Uniquity said

I just rinse with hot water, rub with a cloth if there is anything that didn’t rinse away. After a while I find that tannins (or something) build up on my metal infusers and I give them a go with vinegar and baking soda so they look shiny and new again. I rarely use soap on my teaware, even though it’s all glass, metal and porcelain so it could be cleaned with soap, I don’t see the need.

Of course, if you have clay or yixing, don’t use soap! : )

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DC said

My ceramic, porcelain and glasswares I usually rinse with hot water. If there is any stain, I might use a bit of detergent but only as a last resort.
as for my yixing, I keep it very far away from the soap.

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Dinosara said

Day to day I usually just rinse my cup (ceramic) and metal infuser out with water, using my hand to rub away any tannins and stuff, especially around the mouth of the cup. Every once in a while when it seems like things are getting rather dirty, I give it a good washing with dish soap. My pot at home I often make tea with milk and sugar, so that usually gets a full washing after each pot.

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ashmanra said

I rinse my ceramic and porcelain with water every time I use them, so every day pretty much. I use soap when I see stains. I run a Q-tip in the spout to et tea stains out and get the inside and bottom clean about once a week with soap and a dish brush.

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One of the great things about tea (if it is tea without milk or oils of any kind) is that rinsing well with hot water after use and rubbing dry with a high absorption towel is enough to keep it clean in the long run. This is especially true of unglazed clay! If soap is used on the unfinished surface of a clay teapot or cup the soap smell and flavour will stay with it for a long, long time. Some soaps also leave a residue of their own on finished ceramics and glassware so I prefer to stay away from it all together. If you’re having trouble with a particular stain on a glazed ceramic pot or cup, try vinegar or baking soda and water: works like a charm (as mentioned above)!

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Brian said

I usually just rinse out with hot water

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Kay Kanada said

Ditto for the hot water rinse!

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