Sheng TTB #3

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Rich select said

Wow, what a surprise! I got a package today from CrimsonLotus and I didn’t even place an order! From some of you! LP, thanks for organizing. It was a really touching and thoughtful act to send me a bereavement package of comforting shu. That’s No Moon is, in fact, sold out and I never got a chance to try it. Friends in high places…

Anyway, thanks to all who were involved. I only know that LP organized and Glen of course helped. It really did brighten my day as I am still dealing with the fallout of losing a parent. I really appreciate you all. It was very kind indeed.


PS If I should post this somewhere else to thank anyone who isn’t on this thread, please let me know.

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Dr Jim said

Here are the final statistics on Sheng TTB #3. I’ll be issuing invitations for the next box soon.

We started with 53 teas. 22 were completely used up. 22 were not sampled at all. There were 29 new teas added.

I have a bit of a problem with the 22 teas that no one wanted to try. In the past, I’ve put those teas into the Puerh plus box, but that box disappeared in the last round and I don’t feel like re-starting it. It also doesn’t make sense to send a pound of tea around again. I also don’t want the tea; I already have more than a lifetime’s supply.

My thoughts are to 1) put it in the box and ask everyone to take a percentage. 2) If Liquid Proust is still giving away tea, He can have it all.

Any other ideas?

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brutusK said

That’s a tough one. I know there were some in that 22 I wanted to try but didn’t have any more tea to put in(or tea of a comparable price). But, if I’m remembering correctly it was a small percentage of them. Either would be fine by me. Should this be decided by this round of TTB-ers, or by the next round, I suppose is the other question.

Dr Jim said

There’s usually significant overlap from one circuit to another. I’ll probably add this discussion to the next box invitation as well.

BTW: I’ve added back some of the non-sampled teas just because I think we should have been trying them. Maybe I should try them before I do that :)

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