To tea or not to tea...

All of us Steepsterans have encountered the occasional tea snob or connoisseur constantly ranting about their new taste notes. We hate and love them, and certainly we some times take heed of their advice. So I ask all you steepsterans what do you personally think of them, this question is quite open as the topic will ranges almost everything, you all just have to provide insight. ( Personally I’m kinda like a connoiseur and overall grateful for any tea I find tasty. Anything is fair a drink in my opinion as long as it won’t keep me on the porcelain throne for an hour.

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Roughage said

I’m really only a neophyte tea snob/connoisseur, so I am always keen to read other people’s views on teas, especially since I am trying as many different teas as possible to develop my palate and learn which teas I like the most. This does not mean that I take as gospel the words of such people though. After all, there is an element of taste that goes into a person’s opinion of a tea. The only thing I would find offensive is if someone declares that they know everything about tea and that anyone who does not agree with them is wrong. I would be inclined to ignore such a person.

Well said, tea is avery democratic drink and its up to the preference of the drinkers themselves not someone who says otherwise. But you think there is a fine line between between what is acceptable and not? I

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Slurp said

If you are interested in tea enough to join a forum like Steepster, I would expect you to have some firm opinions about tea. If your opinions are backed by study and experience then I’ll respect your opinion, but that doesn’t mean that it will influence my decision making process. Everyone’s palate is different; even among people who like the same types of tea. So a recommendation is just that; another person’s opinion based on their personal experience. It’s not a command.

sure enough I have alot opinions of opinions of tea, most come out from my experiences and purely out of sheer adventure to explore different varieties. i have to say there a lot out there to discover why not delve into it? So becomes of my tea obsession , although it is kind of bothersome from some tea snobs who really take it seriously, but on the other I can’t blame them they do set some standards and really put out some damn good teas too which I appreciate them for! Its kinda like the "soup Nazi, the "tea Nazis is what I am worried about. LOL

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K S said

I look for reviews of teas I already know something about and follow the people who’s review are similar to my opinion. I learn from their reviews of teas I have not tried. I am free to follow or not follow anyone I want.

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um, it’s the internet, good luck not running into any opinionated people. lol!

Just ignore the ones you don’t like. :)

SunnyinNY said

Well said!!!

I take their consideration but not really follow it unless I have similar experience…

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Bonnie said
I’ve entered and won cooking contests and worked in winery tasting rooms so you have to develop and talk about flavor in a different and specific way for each. Tea is the same. I’m new to tea. Been drinking New Orleans style coffee for ages. I don’t understand the tea lingo so I use what I’ve known to discribe what I taste in tea. I notice levels of flavor just like wine…flatness, full and rich, smoke, salt, dirt, chocolate, jam berry, tofu etc. Who cares where the palate experience comes from. Being a wine snob or a food snob or a TEA snob makes you boring! Everyones opinion is interesting.

exactly! tastes is a very subjective experience and differs from others. I think it is quite important to build a acquired tastes that will not only help out choose personal preferances but help you enjoy tea like never before. Its also opening the doors to a whole new world of experience.

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Does everyone think out here connoiseurs set standards on how a tea is produced? Maybe a new found respect for their keen abilities in tasting and analysis, after all they have discerning tastes.

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Bonnie said

The opinion I would probably respect the most is one from someone who has worked with the earth…growing food…worked with vines, with wine, tasted and blended and smelled the dirt. Grow kale, good full greens. Smell them rot, burn in the sun and take a perfect washed bunch and massage it until the fiber loosens. Make a salad. Now drink some tea and critique it.

Love these words. I want this printed on a shirt, but I suspect it’d be a bit unwieldy.
An advertising person would kill for this kind of copy. Thank you!

Right on! The growers know their crops really well and despite what so called “experts” claim, they know what condition the crop is grown in, what weather it suits the crop best, what region even down to a soil type! Cheers to the growers who grew the teas we all loved! I always appreciate their work so I try to buy items that help support their effort, having them seen work 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening covering acres upon acres plucking leaves.

but perhaps a person of discerning taste may very well have built the same skill as growers…

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Bonnie said

I agree some people are just born with a nose. Some with taste. Some develop it out of love which is not enough if you don;t share it with love instead of snobbery! (Which you are not nor are the people I’ve come into closer contact with so far)

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