ZeroZen said

Best place for fresh & aged Maocha!

Does anyone have a good address for finding a wide range of lose leaf Pu-erh / Maocha?

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mrmopar said

Have you tried Chawangshop? They used to sell a bit of it. Mainly a few years old but they have it.

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AllanK said

I would expect it would be hard to find good aged maocha because the good stuff is usually pressed into cakes. You might be better off looking for a few good aged cakes.

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TeaLife.HK said

I don’t carry a wide range of maocha, but I have Jingmai maocha I’ve aged in HK for two years (dry storage) and some 2018 Menghai maocha about to go up! I also have some unknown origin maocha that I purchased in Kunming (also dry stored here for over two years) that I will put up soon!

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