Tea House and Experiences: What are yours?

I have visited teahouses or gardens in other parts of the globe and they are quite laid back places to relax in for hours! A particular one in a suburban neighborhood of Beirut that got me to fall in love with places like this! It was tucked away in a semi quite area not too far away from the Khan Al-Khalili bazaar and the main drag. The pace was quite slow and the atmosphere less hectic than the adjoining neighborhoods, patrons spend their time playing backgammon, discussing the day’s subject while sitting around drinking tea or “shāy”. The tea was served piping hot in glasses and drunk plain or with lots of sugar that seems to soothe the ever hectic soul of metropolitans. The tea was really great! I think it was some type of strong black tea , but the warmth and hospitality of the people really made my day! At every turn I was greeted with curious faces, warm smiles, people who seem to be very engaged in their activities would draw their attention to me beckoning me to come over for some tea, backgamman or engage in conversations. I of course would not want to turn down the 14th offer for tea and a chance to make new friends! The hours passed talking about life in America, ranging from American Idol to G.W. down to the newest trends or songs made by Eminem! We all seem to understand each other through hand gestures, familiar words , and facial expressions is all we need to get through a language barrier and the best of it all sharing a drink that the transcends cultures and races! Just imagine this simple drink called tea can unite the whole world entire!
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