Tea Storage - Help!

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Caroline said

If you don’t mind having tins in different sizes (small, for the 50g tea, larger for bigger amounts), then secondhand or Goodwill type stores can be a great way to find tins with lids to keep your tea in, in all sizes and with interesting colors/decorations. You can use tea tins of course, but also small cookie tins, chocolate tins, candy tins…you name it!

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I love those to!!! except if you have a low turnover of tea, the light exposure will dampen the flavours :(

Tina S. said

Yeah, that’s why I ended up not doing a magnetic wall when I first planned it. sigh

I thought the same thing, but thought that painting over the tops of the tins with blackboard paint would be cool. It would block the light and you could label which tea was in the tin.

Ooooh that is a neat idea! I might steal that one Jessie :)

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