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Meeka select said

I haven’t checked Steepster in a store yet – I’m going to claim it’s because I like trying tea on a whim but it’s really because I hadn’t thought of that :P (I will do it now though) My online tea orders though are a time-consuming affair of switching between Steepster, the tea site(s), and my overly elaborate spreadsheet, trying to find a balance between the known good ones and finding something tasty that just hasn’t been logged yet.

How funny! That sounds like me. I also put a lot of effort into buying tea, which for me means finding the best tea for the best price.

Occasionally, I look to the reviews as a method of influencing my decision to buy, but not very often. For me, I like Steepster mostly because I enjoy the act of reading, and writing, the reviews (It’s been more writing than reading, but I hope that will change, soon). I will almost always look at the review of a tea I already bought to see how y’all brewed it, and what the results were; this can really help with teas that require non-standard methods of brewing (like Gyokuro or some other higher quality tea). That’s why I like to include any important information on how I brewed the tea in my review (with all of the generalities for brewing each class of tea listed at the top of my bio). It’s amazing how much of a difference in the flavor proper brewing can make!

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I just did this the other day! Twinings Honeybush mandarin and orange was on sale and I was going to buy it until I only saw “meh” reviews on here so then I put it back :)

Uniquity said

Oh, I kinda like that one.

Did you have a review on it!? Haha

Uniquity said

If we’re talking about the same tea, definitely! : )

Ahhh so you did! I think the low 4 score at the bottom of the reviews turned me away! I should have just listened to yours, right up at top!

Except, looking at the picture of the box on here, it’s the same flavors but this one is called “herbal unwind” and the one I saw was just HONEYBUSH ORANGE MANDARIN… I wonder if anything changed about it besides the package… Ironically, had I seen it called “Herbal Unwind” I probably would have purchased it

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I normally do not buy my loose leaf tea at a local supermarket. I have bought loose leaf tea from whole foods twice because of a late delivery order. But, I bought Rishi jasmine pearls in a tin and it was not bad and I was able to get 3 steepings from the tea. But that all I have for a supermarket story or in a pinch. LOL!!!

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