Valentine's Tea Gift Ideas? Input Is Appreciated.

With Valentine’s day coming up, I really want to give my girlfriend a loose-leaf tea gift of some kind. I’ve seen Adagio’s “Love Petals” gift set, but to be honest I’m not too impressed. I’ve also considered making a custom blend on Adagio, but when I tried to do that I found that the choices of teas were very limited and tended to be lower-end teas in their inventory. Does anybody know of any good, high quality Valentine’s gift sets out there? Or even just a place where you can make a custom, personalized set or blend? Thanks.

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Harney and Sons has a Valentine’s tea, they also have a few gift sets

I’ve never had the tea, I think it has chocolate and rosebuds in it

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Brian said

You could always get something cheaper that’s Valentine’s themed (make a custom blend like you mentioned) but also get her something higher quality.

OR have fun and make your own valentine’s label and stick it on whatever you get- just print it on a laser printer.

ORR buy a few different tea’s you know are decent quality, a container, and blend yourself or make your own personalized set.

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Dinosara said

ORRR Ovation teas offers custom blending with quite a few options, and I think people have been generally pleased about the quality of their blends.

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As a tea loving girl, I’d vote for this one!!

Ninavampi said


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Thanks everyone.

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If my husband were getting me a tea-themed Valentine gift, this is what I’d want: a tin of Tea from Mariage Freres (maybe the “Love” tea?) and a box of tea-infused chocolates. You can find both here:
I’ve ordered from this company before; it is reputable.

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For valentines, I just bought myself the gift box from Davidstea— the sweet indulgence sampler (because I’ve been married 17 years…)

That looks great! It’s reasonably priced, as well.

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