Chia Seeds and Tea

I just discovered the wonder of Chia Seeds and was trying to find different ways to incorporate them into my diet (I’m eating a chia seed gel mixed with chocolate vitamin powder and banana, currently). I Googled it and it said you can add it to tea and I didn’t know if anybody had tried that before. How do you add it? Hot tea for some texture? Cold tea like boba? A gel or enough liquid to keep it watery?

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stephanieb said

Not sure if you’ve found the info yet that you’re looking for… Try adding them to tea by 1tbsp or so. They’ll expand as they soak and after a few minutes you can add milk or whatever else. I think the texture is weird personally! I wouldn’t use a gel because it doesn’t have the same nutritional benefits, but that’s just me…

Why doesn’t the gel have the same nutritional benefits?

I think, from what I’ve heard, that the benefits of chia are contained in the gel it makes. Maybe stephanieb was thinking that by “gel” you meant starting with a chia-derivative product (like an extract, but in gel form) that would be less nutritious than just having the actual seeds. But when you’re eating the gel, you’re eating the seeds too. That was kind of convoluted…whoops.

Haha got it. Ya my gel has the seeds and all! :)

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Interesting! I also like to incorporate Chia seeds into my diet, and I never thought about putting them in tea like boba. I’ll have to try that…one of my favorite ways to eat them is by making a pudding with soymilk, cinnamon, and a spoonful of seeds, then leaving it in the fridge to gel up. I also like to put them in oatmeal. Maybe you could make a cold tea and milk (or milk alternative) pudding…

I’ve been making the “pudding” with soymilk and seeds and shaking it in a mason jar when I start getting ready in the morning. By the time I get to work it’s all gelled and ready for my delicious consumption mmmmmmm

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milkspoon said

Haha interesting, though the idea of trying to drink anything with gelled chia seeds in it is disgusting to me! Eugh! Personally I use them to make puddings and hide them in smoothies etc. I’ve never tried adding seeds to a hot liquid, might test with some boiled water beforehand. I imagine they just gel faster. There are commercial cold teas that have chia seeds in them, and people’s opinions of it are very polarized haha

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hey steepsters…
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thanks all!

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Yeah, I think the gel will retain the benefits of the seeds. There are some pretty great kombucha bottles out there with chia seeds in them. It can definitely be an acquired taste, the texture is a bit similar to those aloe drinks.

Stuff like these:

I’ve had success adding them to oatmeal as well. They kind of just disappear.

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OMGsrsly said

I put them in tea like boba. Lemonade, as well. I keep a gel of 1.5tbsp chia seeds in 1 cup of water (or so) and add it to drinks. I use about half of it per 16-oz drink.

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Totally googled chia seeds in tea to see if the heat would ruin the health benefits of chia seeds and it brought me to steepster!

I normally just buy a pack of dry chia seeds and throw them in my water or juice in the morning. I’ve had Grape Chia from Synergy and it’s actually really good.

I’m experimenting right now. I’ve got like a teaspoon or so of chia seeds in my mug with enough water to let them soak. I’ll probably brew my tea in 10 minutes or so and pour that over my chia seeds :)

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Just add about a teaspoon dry or tablespoon of gel to your tea and drink as normal. Sometimes I just sprinkle them on top and drink them down before they even gel. No biggie :)

After doing my whole process, I figured out pretty quickly that it’d be way easier to just sprinkle them in ahha. I just made it way more complicated than it needs to!

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Chizakura said

Another great way to have chia seeds is to try overnight oats! :D

One serving of oats (typically 1/3 cup, but the package will tell you)
One cup of milk of your choice (I use unsweetened almond)
1TBSP Chia seeds.

Mix uncooked oats with the milk and chia seeds. Give it a good stir and leave it in the fridge overnight. I like to top it with some fruit and tons of cinnamon in the morning. Sometimes I mix in pure canned pumpkin as well. :D I tend to use a TBSP of hemp seeds and ground flax seeds too. Adds some extra protein, omega 3s and helps keep you full longer.

I find chia seeds work great stirred into regular hot oatmeal too. Helps make it more filling as well. The overnight oats does the gelling that you’re looking for though, whereas I don’t find it does that in hot oatmeal so much.

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