Ultra Premium Flavored Teas

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Erin said

It has been a year since this topic was introduced; I wonder if anyone’s opinion has changed?

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Erin said

I would have to answer yes and no. I would be willing to pay for truly premium products, but it is not within my budget to do a whole $60. I would be very willing to pay for a smaller amount though, say $15/ 0.5oz.

I remember a time when people would have laughed you right out the door at the thought of paying for water. But thanks to marketing, for some reason now there is a large portion of the population that is afraid of the water coming out of their tap (at pennies a gallon), that now pay to drink only bottled water, most basically tap water run through nothing more fancy than a Brita filter, at $10/gallon.

Wouldn’t touch it. 30$ per ounce for a flavored tea is just outrageous. And its quite silly for a super premium unflavored too.

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sandra said

nope. I break the bank at times for a gyokuro high grade at times, but only then as a special treat. Adding flavours to high end gourmet teas would def. kill any tea for me.
flavoured teas also have a much shorter shelf life than ‘normal’ gourmet teas, so placing yourself at the very top end of this market, would def. be risky, it’s an endeavour I would personally not dare to take.

I do invest in gourmet teas, but your price range would be out out of my reach.

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Lynxiebrat said

I would be willing to try a sample, if that were reasonably priced. Was actually thinking of wanting to try high end white tea with strawberries or a berry mixture. I know that might seem like a waste to some people but I think it would taste great.

I agree, it is something I’d be interested in small quantities of!

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Nick select said

Nope, nope, nope! I may miss out on a lot by not being willing to invest that kind of money into teas, but, I will definitely not gouge myself as a consumer by expressing interest in paying more for less.

I completely understand this. Honestly, I’m not sure the teas I’m talking about are worth the price in any event. Recently, there seems to be a trend for small farmers to charge exorbitant prices for teas that are supposed to be the Nirvana of tea or something. These are teas that would cost ME 12-15 times what we typically pay for our base teas.

Azzrian said

My opinion is if this is true – that these very expensive teas really are all that splendorous then adding flavoring to them would be a disservice to the tea.

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