What to do With Used Tea Leaves: Chagra and the Concept of Mottainai

Once the rich favorable flavor of your tea begins to fade we immediately think it is time to toss it as it is of no use to us any longer. Yet there are actually plenty of uses for used tea leaves!
The truth is even though the tea leaves no longer have flavor, they still have nutrients. These nutrients can still serve their purpose in many ways.

Read all about some of the ways you can use chagra up on our blog:


Do you do anything with your brewed tea leaves? Would love to know some more ways we can all use the leaves to their fullest potential!

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MamaCat said

Here is one article of other ways to use the brewed tea leaves: https://www.today.com/style/diy-facial-scrub-9-other-surprising-beauty-uses-tea-t102705

I myself have used tea leaves for facials and they are quite nice!!

Thank you for sharing! Yes, tea for facials is a great idea that has been used for many years!

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