Roobios sampler pack

Hello everyone :)
I would like to try a few different types of roobios tea and haven’t found any recommendations on a good sample package(s) available for purchase.
Anyone have any tips?

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Hello! Have you checked out Tea Trade?

I sell a large box of samples and I have many different rooibos varieties and if you specify that you’d like to try rooibos I will include as many as I can in the box:

I also know that Rachel (aka IHeartTeas) offers a rooibos sampler there:

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also try Arbor Teas

I believe Simpson and Vail has one too

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ssajami said

Fusion Tea Room. They don’t have a sampler pack, per se, but they have sample sizes available for all their many wonderful rooibos blends.

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I’ve tried Rooibos teas a few times in the past and was always disappointed in the flavor. I guess I just don’t like to so much? It’s been a while since I’ve ventured into the world of Rooibos. Would you recommend trying flavored Roobois combos to acquire the taste for it, perhaps?

momo said

First time I had a rooibos was in a chocolate tea, and I pretty much love it no matter what, so it might be worth a shot if you’re up for trying more. I like it better with chocolate or caramel flavors than fruit, sometimes depending on the fruit it can bring out that medicinal taste for me.

my favorite rooibos tea is West Cape Chai – I do find that other things help to mask the medicinal type flavor

stephanieb said

Try David’s Tea’s Alpine Punch. It’s a rooibos tea but my friend, who absolutely hates rooibos, tried it at my place not realizing what it was and is thoroughly addicted. I definitely recommend trying it – I love rooibos but it doesn’t taste a thing like it.

Thanks for the input! I’m looking forward to trying these out!

Dinahsaur, I have a rooibos for you to try. I have tried a couple and thought that they were always a little blah, but this one is really good. I’ll bring you some this weekend.

Sweet. Thanks! I also did end up ordering a sampler from LiberTEAS and she’s including some Rooibos samples for me there, too. :)

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Uniquity said

Fusion tea room has many interesting rooibos creations, as does Davids Tea. I’d give either them a shot.

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Thank you for all the replies everyone!
Ill be checking these all out and getting myself started :)

ill post with my favorites once they get here

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