Skysamurai said

Discovery TTB

Good evening! With all the spammers and then getting preggo twice I stopped participating on Steepster but I miss the TTBs and want to start one myself!

Rules n stuff
- US and Canada only
- Sample what you want and however much you want but please be mindful of those who come after you. Add in tea if need be
- If you won’t be around to receive the box switch with someone else
- Try to stick to a week and no longer with keeping it
- If the box is damaged please replace it
- You will have to pay for shipping so if that’s an issue it’s probably best to not join
- You must have some history on Steepster, even if it isn’t recent like me. Or show me that you are active elsewhere in the tea world.
- Stinky tea? Like a lapsang? Make sure to package it properly. Like tin foil etc. Otherwise it will ruin the other tea.
- All tea should at least have: name, type, and company. Steeping parameters are nice but not necessary as everyone brews and steeps differently
(We can add on other rules, so let me know if I forgot anything)

Here is our list so far:

Roswell Strange

Then back to the US
Mastress Alita

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Sure, I miss the Here’s Hoping teaboxes I ran, so I would love to join yours if I can mail it within the US. I remember you were in at least one round of the HH teabox. :D

Skysamurai said

Omgosh!! I remember those boxes! Arg I really wish there was a way to get rid of all the spammers so that we could build up the community again.

Arby said

I’m interested, but am in Canada. I can mail it to the US though.

I’m interested in participating, but I’m only able to ship within the USA.

It’s been a while since I did a TTB – I’d totally be interested. Like Arby, I’m also located in Canada but as long as there’s someone willing to ship to Canada I can absolutely ship back to the US!

Togo said

I would also love to join, but I live in Canada too.

Skysamurai said

If no one else will, I can ship to Canada

Skysamurai said

Ok sorry fo the lag in conversation. I’ve updated with a list and rules. Let me know if you guys want to switch at any point

Skysamurai said

Haven’t heard from anyone yet…. lol you guys still want to do this?

Still interested! I’m surprised more haven’t signed up though.

I’m still around, just a bit brain-foggy after coming out of a six-day long migraine. I’m still up for it.

Definitely still down :)

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