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Arby said

Great to hear, thanks for the update! :) I also have a lot of tea to put in, so I guess I will need to sample a lot of the tea from the box to make room. ;)

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What I sampled and finished and what I removed—

1. Dharamsala Mann Premium, Kangra First Flush Black, date of picking 10 April 2017, grade SFTGFOPI, invoice ex 3—-Vahdam
2. Black Assam—Manna Organics
3. Kangra First Flush Black—Vahdam
4. Korean Mt.Jiri—Joonjak HwangCha— Teas Unique
5. Organic Black—Pinky Out
6. Anxi Hairy Crab Mao Xie Oolong—YS
7. Barley Tea—Lupicia
8.Black Tea (Delight) Nepal
9.Wan Estate Green—Yatra Co.
10. Himilayan Bliss Estate—Yatra
11. Craigmore Estate—Yatra
12. Buttermint—Twinings teabag
13. Mango Party—-Coffee Leaf—Wise Monkey
14. Black Sunshine—A & D
15. Dandelion Mocha Mint—Chicory Herbal—Teccino teabag
16. Amber GABA Oolong—Wha-Cha
17. Mystery Tea 1
18. Mystery Tea 2
19. 2007 Pin Xiang “Bu Long Shan Tuo” Raw Puerh—YS
20. Irish Afternoon Tea—Bewley’s
21. 2016 Autumn Da Qing Gu Shu Raw Puerh—YS
22. Madame Butterfly—Tea n Joy
23. Anxi Gandi Tie Gwan Yin-JKTea
24. Oolong De La Crème—Della Terra
25. Lavender Black—Lov Tea
26. Lavender White—Lupicia
27. Berry Malt—White2Tea
28. Nessy Jasmine Green—Wendigo Tea Co.
29. Teeny Tuo w Rose and Yellow Stamp
30. Boisahabi Estate Assam—Capital Tea Ltd.
31. Kumquat Cheesecake Honeybush—52Teas
32. Pearls of Jade—Bi Luo—Silk Road Teas
33. Banana Fluffernutter Honeybush—Necessiteas
34. Blood Orange Punch—QTT
35. Flapjacks—White2Tea
36. Glendale Estate—Yatra
37. Goomtee Estate—Yatra
38. Rice Ripened Loose Puerh—Teavivre
39. Puerh—Pinky Out

What I added—
(I tried to focus on Canadian content)
1. Vanilla Black—Capital Tea Ltd.
2. Strawberry Mint Black—Say Tea
3. Earl Grey Lavender Black—Tealyra
4. Monk’s Blend Black—Tealyra
5. Taiwan “Jin Xuan” Milk Oolong—Wha-Cha
6. Wild Strawberry Swirl Black—Tealyra
7. Maple Splash Black—Tealyra
8. Lychee Peach Black—Tealyra
9. Pink Lemonade Rooibos and Black—Tealyra
10. Ginger Fresh Herbal—Herbal Republic
11. Ombrelle de Papier White—Camellia Sinensis
12. Blueberry Cream Fruit Infusion—Tea Desire
13. Cardamom French Toast Black—David’s Tea
14. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Herbal—Tealyra
15. Apple Watermelon Tango Green and Herbal—Tealyra
16. Ginger Treasure Herbal—Tealyra
17. Old Tree Yue Guan Bai Moonlight White Puerh-Tealyra
18. Organic Sunset Sencha—The Tea Guy
19. Berried Treasure Black—52Teas
20. Lychee Black—Mighty Leaf
21. Blood Citrus Smoothie Rooibos Herbal—Tealyra
22. Strawberry Mint Herbal—Herbal Republic
23. Walnut Truffle Black—Tea Desire
24. Earl Grey Organic—Mighty Leaf
25. Creamy Mint Ayran Herbal—Tealyra
26. Chocolate Delight Black—Tealyra
27. Imperial Gold Needle Yunnan Black Autumn 2016—YS
28. Cinnamon Star Black—Tea Desire
29. Glendale Estate Twirl Nilgiri—Capital Tea Ltd.
30. Mango Tea All Natural Black—Capital Tea Ltd.
31. Camomile Citrus Herbal—Mighty Leaf
32. Go Pong Milky Jade Oolong—Kusmi
33. Lemon Pound Cake Oolong—David’s Tea
34. Cream Earl Grey Moonlight Black—Tealyra
35. Marco Polo Black—Capital Tea Ltd.
36. Jasmine Black Pearls—David’s Tea
37. Peanut Butter Cup Fruit (no peanut content)—David’s Tea
And the box was already overflowing.

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Arby said

I received the box :)

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Arby said

2018 Wi Yi Mountain rock oolong – Yunnan Sourcing
Strawberry – Alokozay
Orange Ginger Chai – Uncle Lee’s Tea
Green Tea Organic – Uncle Lee’s Tea
Chamomile vanilla bean – Tea Guys
Ocean Blue – Special Teas Inc
Tropical Eyebrows – 52Teas
Strawberry Daquari rooibos – 52Teas
Scarlet Dragon – Special Teas Inc
Rooibos pecan pie – Special Teas Inc
Caramel Chai Rooibos – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea
Tropical Sunset – Love Some Tea (LST)
Cask Strength – Verdant
Frankenberry – 52Teas
Raspberry Cream – 52Teas
Weeping Angel – 52Teas
2013 Aged Shou Mei – Verdant
Well Rested – Trader Joe’s
Vanilla Bean – Mighty Leaf
Candy Corn – 52Teas
Cotton Candy – 52Teas
Icewine – Murchie’s
White Christmas – Stash
Strawberry Black – Alokozay
Christmas Morning – Stash
Green – Twinings
Decaf Green – Twinings
Merry Mint – Stash
Greek Mountain Tea (herb) – Vrino
Green tea with ginger – Traditional Medicinals
Lotus – Senteurs d’Angkor
Ginger – Senteurs d’Angkor

Removed/Finished off
Butterbeer – Forest Witch
Chamomile Citrus Herbal—Mighty Leaf
Berried Treasure Black—52Teas
Peanut Butter Cup Fruit (no peanut content)—David’s Tea
Cardamom French Toast
Vanilla Sencha – DT
Earl Grey Lavender
Walnut Truffle
Earl Grey de la Creme – Steeped Tea
Cinnamon Star Black—Tea Desire
Chocolate Delight Black—Tealyra
Ginger Treasure Herbal—Tealyra
Old Tree Yue Guan Bai Moonlight White Puerh-Tealyra
Organic Sunset Sencha—The Tea Guy
Ginger Fresh Herbal—Herbal Republic
Wild Strawberry Swirl Black—Tealyra
Maple Splash Black—Tealyra

Sampled/removed samples (but did not finish off)
Empress Chai – Queen Mary
Monk’s Blend Black—Tealyra
Glendale Estate Twirl Nilgiri—Capital Tea Ltd.
Masala Chai – Adagio
Mango Tea All Natural Black—Capital Tea Ltd.
Marco Polo Black—Capital Tea Ltd.
Lychee Peach Black—Tealyra

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The teabox has arrived. Thanks everyone. I will say though… I might be switching to a slightly bigger box because I was already planning which teas I wanted to add. I guess a teabox has to be a good balance of a) a nice variety of teas b) the right weight to mail it… so the teabox isn’t too big or too small. Just explaining the science of the teabox… don’t mind me. :D

Also, I can’t find info anywhere for the Special Tea or Murchie’s teas? Hmm

This Murchie’s? I have some of their maple teas.

Yeah that one. Okay… maybe it wasn’t Murchie’s I couldn’t find? I don’t know.. it was late last night. haha

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Arby said

Special Teas Inc

I may not have added all of them to Steepster yet

Thanks. I don’t know why I couldn’t find specialtea…

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I just saw the rule to stick to a week with the box. I’m sorry it will be a bit longer than that. I will try to get a chance to get to the post office within a week or two.

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The tea box should be going to Mastress Alita on Thursday! I tried 22 servings of various teas and these were finished or removed for later, mostly because there was one serving left:

Murchie’s – Pina colada
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Caramel Chai Rooibos
Murchie’s – Ice Wine
Capital – Marco Polo Black
52Teas – Frankenberry
Davidstea – S’mores Chai
Davidstea – Rhubarb Cream Soda
David’s Tea – Jasmine Black Pearls
TeaGschwendner – Maple Walnut
YS – Imperial Gold Needle Yunnan Black Autumn 2016
Davidstea – Jasmine Creme Brulee green
a few tea bags

I added these:
Bird and Blend – Easter Egg Nests
Simpson & Vail – Apple Cinnamon French Toast
Simpson & Vail – Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Rooibos
Simpson & Vail – Salty Caramel Pumpkin
Simpson & Vail – Vietnam Ha Giang Organic Black
Simpson & Vail – Colombian Leafy Organic Black
Simpson & Vail – Cocoa Shells
Simpson & Vail – Floral Nectar
Simpson & Vail – Violet Black
Yunnan Sourcing – Black Gold Bi Luo Chun
Yunnan Sourcing – Snow Chrysanthemum Buds
Tealyra – Lemon Souffle
Zen – Sweet Coconut Island
Java Tea Co – The Diplomat
Java Tea Co – The Liberator
Vahdam – Ayurvedic Rose Herbal Green (thanks to Arby!)
Vahdam – Smoky Assam (thanks to Arby!)

Thanks to everyone for starting and keeping the box moving. Hope everyone finds some teas to love here.

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The teabox has safely landed!

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Since I don’t have a lot of time around my work schedule for these things and this is my (longer) weekend, I have gone through the teabox. I removed single serving samplers from most things that interested me (2 to 2.5g depending on the tea type) leaving that tea in the box if there was still ample leaf left. I removed the teas that only had a single serving left (I’ll sip them down to clear up space) or that didn’t have at least a 2g serving remaining after taking one serving from them to free space. I removed perhaps three other things for some collection cycling/space.


Milk Oolongs
Sweet Coconut Island
Fruity Oasis
Scarlet Dragon
Snow Crysanthemum Buds Flower Tea
Monk’s Blend
Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride
Glendale Estate Twirl Nilgiri
Lavender Creme
Rooibos Pecan Pie
Ocean Blue
3 Year Aged Shou Mei Spring 2013
Wuyi Mountain Rock Oolong Chun Lan


99% Oxidized Purple Oolong [Tealyra] (10g)
American Beauty [American Tea Room] (10g)
Assam Gold Black Tea [Golden Tips Tea Co.] (30g)
Butterfly Pea Flower [Zenobia’s Garden] (5g)
Butterscotch Potion White [Tealyra] (8g)
Chocolate Mint Rooibos [Par Avion Tea] (10g)
Cinnamon-Orange Tea Signature Blend [Hobee’s California Restaurants] (20g)
English Breakfast [CitizenTea] (10g)
Jin Xuan “Milk” Oolong <Natural Tea Leaf; No Flavoring> [Strand Tea Company] (30g)
Kabusecha Saeakari [Marushige Shimizu Tea Farm c/o Yunomi] (35g)
Phoenix Rising [Thunder Mountain Teas] (10g)
Provence [American Tea Room] (10g)
Sleeping Beauty [American Tea Room] (10g)
Strawberry Oolong [TeaSource] (10g)
Yunnan Silver Needle [Steven Smith Teamaker] (10g)

I can only go to the PO on Mondays I have off from the library, and those days only come in three week cycles. Since today is one of those days, I’m going to try to get the box out today so I won’t hold it up all the way until the 31st, which would be my next Monday off in my work cycle. I just have my little 2g samplers stashed so as to not hold up the flow, hehehehe.

Thank you so much, guys!

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