Dan Cross said

What does "TF" mean?

Hi tea fans. I’m kind of new to pu-erh and I’ve ordered a few things from Chawang Shop and Yunnan Sourcing. I’ve noticed that several pu-erh teas are labeled “TF”. What does that mean? I’m sure it doesn’t mean true/false . . . :-)

Examples: https://www.chawangshop.com/2008-langhe-tf-meng-hai-wei-dao-ripe-mini-cake-100g.html


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Rich select said

Tea factory.

Dan Cross said

Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!

Cwyn said

It actually means recipe made for Taiwan.

tperez said

Cwyn, isn’t that “FT”?

mrmopar said

Actually Fei Tai is Xiaguans biggest importer in Taiwan. Special blends originally for that customer and market.

Cwyn said

Oh I see, Chawangshop was just abbreviating. I wonder if it’s deliberate to get it into search results.

mrmopar said

No you are right Cwyn. It is the export line of XG. Translation has a bunch to do with it.

Teasenz said

Interesting. It’s a great way to reduce often overly long product titles.

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