52teas' 2012 Permanent Collection Inductees

We would like to welcome to our permanent collection:

Pancake Breakfast (Steepster reviews: http://steepster.com/teas/52teas/19081-pancake-breakfast-black-tea )

Cinnamon Roll Honeybush (Steepster reviews: http://steepster.com/teas/52teas/20883-cinnamon-roll-honeybush )

These two blends have been very popular, and if you haven’t had a chance to try them, you definitely should.

You can find them here: http://www.52teas.com/in-stock/52teas-permanent-collection/

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Ninavampi said

Thanks Frank! : )

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May I suggest also your Mint Chocolate Chip Honeybush? It is awesome.

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Lindsay said

I’m enjoying a cup of Pancake breakfast at the moment! Hurrah!

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That’s wonderful. :)

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Tamm said

I’m uttering a sigh of relief! I’m almost out of my pancake and was dreading not being able to wake up to that amazing cup!

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Glad to see it!

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Jillian said

Cool, they’re both great blends so I’m glad to see they’ll be sticking around.

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Adding both to my shopping list now!

Got a question for you. I have not ordered from you before, so I’m slightly confused by how your system “works.” Earlier, most of the teas I looked at on the “recent creations” page said, “sold out,” now there is some available again, so I’m assuming you blended more…how long do “recent creations” tend to be around if they are not permanent? And what’s the difference between “revived” and permanent?

SimplyJenW said

I hope I can answer…..
He blends a new tea every week for his tea of the week club. Usually, the number on the recent creations is what is left over after shipping to the subscribers. Recent creations could be around for a while, but the really popular ones tend to sell out fast. Every once in a while, he has stock that is not reflected in the numbers shown on the website and will add them to correct however his website counts numbers….kind of like an inventory correction. Sometimes, the customers beg and beg for a rerelease/reblend, and he, being the smart business man he is, makes what he can to fill the requests calling it a ‘revived’ tea, especially for the really popular ones. If something is rereleased/revived several times and is selling well, it might be added to the permanent collection. There are also a few resellers who will revive teas (really, it is just a reblend of a past creation) and sell them on other sites.

Oh… and the revived section on his website right now are the teas that he revived following the release of his 12 days of christmas sampler … each of the revived teas that you see in the revived section are teas that were part of that sampler.

Thanks, guys!

SimplyJenW put it pretty much perfectly. Occasionally, I am just a sloppy counter. (I try to err on the side of NOT overselling a blend, because I really don’t want to have to tell someone I can’t fill their order). Anyway, yeah, sometimes my count is off and I need to make adjustments. Sometimes I get returns from retailers who subscribe to our wholesale tea of the week plan, and sometimes people place an order on Paypal and for whatever reason, it never completes and when I cancel the order it puts those teas back in stock. So, that’s why the numbers change sometimes. Thanks for your interest in our teas, and thanks to Jen and LiberTeas for picking up my slack a bit this afternoon. :)

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YEAH! I was running low on Pancake Breakfast and was about to enter a day of mourning. Now I don’t have to! :) Thanks for adding this one!! :)

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